Optimize Business Systems with a Technical or Solution Health Check

New implementations of advanced data capture or enterprise content management platforms can help automate and simplify your important business processes. However, over time these implementations may highlight or amplify issues and redundancies carried over from manual processes. Technical or Solution Health Checks can help you identify technical and process improvements and optimizations to help your business systems run more efficiently.

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Abbey Oliver:
Good afternoon and welcome Webinar Wednesday. Today we will be discussing Technical and Solution Health Checks. Just to cover a few housekeeping items. To begin with, this webinar will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel as well as our blog within a few days. For those of you dialing in today, this slide deck will be emailed out to you immediately after the webinar. We also have a moderator standing nearby. Those of you that have questions, please feel free to submit them via the GoToWebinar interface and also if you have any additional ideas for future webinars, be sure to let us know.

Our upcoming May webinars, we have Outlook integration for OnBase starting at 11:00 am Central time, followed by Kofax Products and Solutions at 1:00 pm. Then, planning your next upgrade at 3:00. I am Abbey Oliver. I am a senior consultant here at RPI. I have over five years’ experience in designing and implementing ECM and advanced data capture solutions. I mainly focus on HR solutions or insurance solutions but I’ve also done a lot of custom solutions as well.

Derreck Mayer:
I’m Derreck Mayer, another senior consultant here at RPI. I have been working with ECM for over eight years now, with an emphasis on accounts payable and higher education solutions, including other back office and I have also had an emphasis on client facing training. In my free time, I do a lot of podcasting. I like to talk.

Abbey Oliver:
Today, we’ll give you a little overview about RPI and what we do. Then, we will look at what is a health check in general. Then, dive into the specifics of both technical and solution health checks, and follow up with a summary and any questions at the end.

About RPI, we have over 80 full time employees across the United States, with offices in Baltimore, Tampa and here in Kansas City. We provide a breadth of different services from installations and upgrades to work flow analysis and design and our partners include Perceptive Content, on OnBase by Hyland, Brainware by Hyland, Kofax and Infor Lawson.

What is a health check? A health check is a project with a dedicated resource that will analyze different aspects of your system. Some customers choose just to go with a technical health check, and some choose just a solution health check. Both can be done to really optimize the overall results. RPI is available to complete these health checks across all