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Change How You Think About Technology, Automation, & People

It’s not hard to buy into the concept of Digital Transformation. At its most basic, Digital Transformation is about re-imagining workflows and processes to replace low skill labor with technology. It reduces costs and empowers people to focus on more meaningful work to create more value for the business. Digital Transformation is an easy sell – just not such an easy lift.

Digital Transformation is a long-term strategy that takes foresight to develop, cooperation and coordination to implement, and patience to achieve. Leaders and employees have to think differently about processes, tasks, and technology. That’s what makes it so – well, transformative – but it’s also what makes Digital Transformation incredibly hard to achieve (especially in-house).

Working with a trusted partner, especially a partner that was around for the last Digital Transformation of ERPs and CRMs, is the perfect way to ensure your business is working towards the future while never neglecting your present day challenges.

RPI’s Michael Grace & John Marney discuss getting started with Digital Transformation and Robotic Process Automation.

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Digital Transformation Services & Solutions

From Digital Transformation road-mapping to long-term managed services and implementation, RPI Consultants can help develop, manage, and achieve your unique strategy and objectives. Here are just a few ways we can support you.

Transformation Roadmapping

Digital Transformation is a long-term strategy and sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. Let us work with your executive team to develop a long-term roadmap for integrating automation into otherwise manual tasks and activities.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Change the way you think about getting vendors paid. RPI can assist with automated invoicing, data capture and validation, and approval routing. Eliminate manual interventions for faster processing, lower costs, and better visibility.

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Vendor & System Selection

Each organization and technical environment is unique. Let RPI Consultants help you document the right requirements and evaluate the best vendors and software to meet your unique challenges and technical infrastructure.

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Free Accounts Payable Automation Scorecard

Ever wondered how much it actually costs to get your invoices processed and paid? The number will probably shock you. For a limited time, RPI Consultants will help you measure your actual processing cost-per-invoice and how much you could save in the first year with a modern Accounts Payable Automation solution.

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Professional Services & Capabilities

Strategic Planning & Leadership to Staff Augmentation

RPI Consultants’ consulting model emphasizes listening to our clients and understanding the complexities of their business first, then creating targeted solutions to address their needs second. Our team combines a strong work ethic, the ability to leverage both technology and industry experience, and an instinct to create positive change as if your business was our own.