Staff Augmentation & Interim Management

Fill Resource Gaps, Reduce Workload, & Bring in Expertise

Staff Augmentation offers organizations the ability to fill gaps in resourcing, add expertise and experience without recruiting, and provide continuity when key roles are in transition or vacant. Whether your needs are short or long term, our team has real-world experience to fill key technical and functional roles across your team.

There are many reasons to look into augmenting your existing team with additional support from the outside. Maybe you’ve lost someone in a key role, or your teams are over-extended with in-flight projects, or perhaps you need immediate expertise and don’t have time to recruit. Regardless of the situation, Staff Augmentation is an efficient way to add experience and capacity to your team.

RPI Consultants has real-world experience filling the roles and responsibilities across your technical and functional teams. We can start working with your team immediately to reduce workloads, offer specific experience and knowledge, and support ongoing projects. We specialize in treating your business as if it were our own.

RPI Consultants has the real-world experience to start working with your technical and functional teams immediately. 

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Capabilities & Specializations

Managed Services, System Administration, Project Administration

RPI Consultants can help your company bridge the gap between departing personnel and new hires, fill gaps that may not require full-time staff, or just alleviate workloads to enable your employees to focus on creating more value for the business.