Webinar: Upgrade to Kofax Process Director 7.8 for SAP

Kofax Process Director (formerly Kofax ReadSoft Process Director) is a unified platform for managing all of your Accounts Payable processes in SAP, including invoice processing and purchase-to-pay. This year, Kofax released Process Director 7.8 which offers several enhancements to meet the latest SAP requirements.

Process Director 7.8 also helps you keep up with the industry’s evolving needs, provides greater support for global organizations, and fully supports government mandated e-invoicing – a feature that is now more important than ever.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Split Payment Mechanism
  • Extended support for global e-invoicing formats through SAP Ariba Cloud
  • New procurement management functionality delivered through SAP Fiori

John Marney:
Now welcome to our webinar today on upgrading to Process Director 7.8. And we talked about some of the new features in the latest version of Process Director and let you know about upgrading and the process for upgrading to this version of Processor. We have some upcoming webinars coming up and office hours. Coming up for the webinars, we have some SharePoint work in Office 365 coming up in May.

I don’t think that’s right. Let’s get these corrected. Those dates are incorrect. All right. What is Process Director? What’s the in Process Director 7.8? Preparing for your upgrade. Summary and questions are the agenda today. Quick disclaimer. All this information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, based off of what we get from the vendor’s website.

Any feedback or recommendations, please go ahead and email us. All right. What is Kofax Process Director? You go ahead, sir.

Okay. Yes. First to say about the Process Director. So basically, the Process Director of Kofax is a business platform based on SAP technology that provides the SAP sub-components. Those components for using SAP from a higher level of automation than exists in SAP. So, currently you can see the SAP normally as a place when you can register your construction like invoices or down payments.

But it doesn’t have a memory out of the box the process automation. So that is a place when Process Director came into the picture. So basically, the Process Director it’s possible to automate the processes around these registrations. So, for example, if you have the invoice and you need to pull the invoice in SAP, you can just register this transaction and post in the invoice.

But in Process Director, you can set up the whole workflow, if it is approving invoices instead of going by paper or by mail around the company. For example, the similar thing also can be like for example, with payment approval. So, you don’t need to really to send emails. But with our system, we have special modes of payment approval when it’s possible to do whole approval process and just register the payment.

It will give you some level of automation and shortness your time or execution. However, if you can see the Process Director as a platform that offers automation for different kinds of business processes. For example, we have everything starting from B2B. It’s like requisitions. Let’s say good receipt handling, invoice handling, payment approval handling, down payment handling.

It will block reversals and payment approval. Also, we offer some people what we call OTC, order to cash when it can be…everything can be automatic from receiving the order, up to delivery and the end of the accounts receivable when you match your accounts receivables with the bank payment. And on top of that, it provides the automation for the master data processes like creating of new vendor or call center or customer.

And also, it gives you some extra models like financial postings, customer postings and asset posting. So basically, that would be the core of Process Director. And on top of that, it offers you a couple of different layers on the top of SAP like Fiori layer. Or we can also offer out a