Product Preview: Yoga Flexible Software 2021 & Beyond

Yoga Flexible Software by RPI Consultants helps fill the gaps between your everyday business requirements and your enterprise solutions that don’t quite meet them. We know these gaps well because we see them all the time.

From robust digital content capture to simple and light-weight document viewing, easy to design and deploy forms to custom alerts and notifications, and dynamic API data interfaces to unified reporting and analytics, Yoga exists to reduce complexity and cumbersome custom development between systems.

As our partners’ software evolves to close some of the gaps and even create some new ones, Yoga Flexible Software is also evolving to be more compact, light-weight, and maintenance free while providing important features and tools that reduce manual activities and points of failure.

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John Marney:

If you haven’t done this for a webinar before, just be aware that we are going to send a recording of the webinar, or a link to the recording after we’re done, as well as the deck. And you can submit any questions that you have through the GoTo Webinar Panel, there’s a questions area you can type it up there and that will come to us. Feel free to submit questions as we go, save them for the end, whatever you would like to do. The content will probably take us about 20, 25, 30 minutes, somewhere in that range so definitely won’t need a full hour today. Today we’re going to be talking about Yoga for 2021 and beyond. Yoga is RPI’s proprietary software platform, and there’s a few different products in there which we’re going to go through, and so let’s dive in.

John Marney:

So before we get into the content of our presentation, I do want to highlight a couple of upcoming presentations that we have. We do try to do webinars, fresh webinars, every first Wednesday of a month. And so next webinar Wednesday on November 4th. We have two presentations. The first is Yoga Forms for GHR. So we’re going to be talking a little bit about this in our presentation here but