Webinar: What’s the Future of Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a significant investment and a large piece of your enterprise technology architecture. For good reason, ECM creates structured and usable data out of unstructured content and offers nearly unlimited opportunities for automating manual tasks, decisions, and activities.

However, core business applications like ERPs, CRMs, and SISs are getting better at capturing and processing more of this data at the source. Additionally, evolving tech like RPA and new strategies like Digital Transformation are making it easier to simplify and quantify your software architecture around these systems. Combined, these influences have changed the overall dynamic and value proposition for large ECM implementations like Perceptive Content and OnBase. As your organization thinks strategically about the future, ECM may not be an investment that necessarily grows with your business – and there are multiple, lower cost alternatives that push more of the tasks, decisions, and data into your ERP, CRM, or SIS.

Join this webinar for a discussion on the future of Enterprise Content Management and how that may impact your future technology investment and implementation strategy. We will help you understand how to reevaluate your current systems and rethink the where business requirements should live.