Webinar: What’s the Future of Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a significant investment and a large piece of your enterprise technology architecture. For good reason, ECM creates structured and usable data out of unstructured content and offers nearly unlimited opportunities for automating manual tasks, decisions, and activities.

However, core business applications like ERPs, CRMs, and SISs are getting better at capturing and processing more of this data at the source. Additionally, evolving tech like RPA and new strategies like Digital Transformation are making it easier to simplify and quantify your software architecture around these systems. Combined, these influences have changed the overall dynamic and value proposition for large ECM implementations like Perceptive Content and OnBase. As your organization thinks strategically about the future, ECM may not be an investment that necessarily grows with your business – and there are multiple, lower cost alternatives that push more of the tasks, decisions, and data into your ERP, CRM, or SIS.

Join this webinar for a discussion on the future of Enterprise Content Management and how that may impact your future technology investment and implementation strategy. We will help you understand how to reevaluate your current systems and rethink the where business requirements should live.


Michael Hopkins:

Thanks everyone for joining us today. The webinar or the conversation that we’re going to be having over the next hour or so is What’s the Future of Enterprise Content Management? As we dig into that, I think we’re going to cover a lot of great topics that I think you’ll find interesting. But as we go, I wanted to encourage anybody on the line, if you have questions, to go ahead and submit them into the chat panel or now because we’re using Zoom, we have chat and Q and A. So if you have a question, go ahead and drop that in the Q and A. If you want to display your question to the entire group, feel free to put that into chat. And we look forward to getting some feedback from everyone on the line because this is obviously a very large topic and an important one to most of us. A couple other notes in terms of housekeeping, this presentation will be recorded. We will be posting it online for you to be able to take a look at later, share with your colleagues, share with your friends, because this is so exciting.

Michael Hopkins:

My name is Michael Hopkins. Unfortunately Patrick Wise came down with a case of COVID so he’s not going to be able to join us today. So you’re stuck with me. A little bit about my background. I’m currently a Manager for Sales and Marketing for RPI Consultants in the Content and Process Automation Practice. Before that, I spent about five years as a Perceptive Content Solution Architect with Perceptive Software at the time and then Lexmark, and of course eventually Hyland. My specialization and my team focused on HIM medical records, patient finance, patient [inaudible 00:01:36]. So that’s kind of my background. And a few years ago, I moved to the dark side of sales and marketing. A quick personal note, very excited about this weekend. I’m out of our Kansas City office, season ticket holder for the Chiefs so we’re hoping for a big game this weekend.

Michael Hopkins:

All right. So in terms of the agend