Kofax Releases Kofax RPA 11.1: What’s New and Why it’s Important

Kofax RPA 11.1 continues to push technology and automation towards full Digital Transformation.

As organizations and functional departments continue to march forward towards “hyper-automation,” we are here as a partner to help you understand the latest in technology advances and developments. Kofax’s recently released Kofax RPA 11.1 brings new key features for our customers wanting to automate more manual tasks, activities, and decisions – and that are designed to help process huge amounts of data and workflows in ways that are smart, efficient, and cost productive. Kofax RPA 11.1 continues to deliver an enterprise-class toolkit that allows robotic process automation to be used in ways that are approachable for most IT departments and impactful across the organization.

Key Kofax RPA 11.1 Improvements

  • Administration & Connectivity

    Kofax continues to invest in AI and document intelligence capabilities which will enhance the overall connectivity between systems. Kofax RPA 11.1 bears the fruits of this strategy by providing enhancements in process discovery, desktop automation and developer tools. Administration enhancements to Kapplets and password management through its integration with Cyberark means administrators will now be able to scale robots and resources using new specialized queueing tools. This reduces the overall time involved in managing and administrating RPA.

  • Task Automation

    With new enhancements to email processing, Kofax RPA 11.1 allows administrators to create and deploy email robots which will automate the capture of important documents and data from email accounts. These email robots monitor inboxes and are triggered when a new email arrives. The robot can then process the email, including searching the body and attachments for discreet data and information, and then integrating data and files into your enterprise content management and primary business systems.

Why All this Matters to You

When our clients ask us about new and innovative ways to operate more efficiently to save money or adjust to our new business climate, we believe in maximizing utilization of tools that are cost effective, impactful, and reliable. operationally. The continued investment by Kofax into its RPA platform shows that this solution is not just scalable and extensible, it is a safe investment for the future of your automation needs. That’s why we see Kofax RPA, and especially version 11.1 as a great investment for our clients and recommend it as a best in breed RPA and intelligent automation solution.

Below are a couple use cases that are fit well technically and for positive ROI with Kofax RPA 11.1. These are real-world applications of the toolkit from Kofax RPA which can have a ton of initial impact and long-lasting value.

  • Accounts Payable & Invoice Processing

    Accounts Payable is one of the most common and valuable focus areas for RPA – and a great place to start getting immediate value from your investment. Kofax RPA brings invoice capture, data extraction & validation, header / footer / GL coding processing, and payment posting into concert by integrating seamlessly with your enterprise content or digital workflows to provide an end-to-end invoice processing platform.