Technical & Functional Assessments

System Architecture & Process Improvements

Technical & Functional Assessments are targeted engagements to evaluate the efficiency and efficacy of your enterprise systems and business processes. We map existing workflows, review employee roles and responsibilities, and analyze your system infrastructure and data to identify issues, risks, and opportunities for improvement and automation.

No enterprise technology implementation is perfect and there will always be exceptions you didn’t plan for, people you didn’t talk to, and scenarios you didn’t even know existed. Technical & Functional Assessments offer the ability to evaluate systems and processes as they are being used in real time.

Assessments include detailed observations and recommendations that can be used to create a short and long term strategic roadmap for system and process improvements that increase functional efficiencies through reduced errors and manual processing. This allows your people to focus on higher value activities like building better products and delivering better customer service.

RPI Consultants is committed to offering value-based advice and leadership for overcoming political, organizational and economic challenges inherent in implementing change.

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