RPI’s Yoga SMS™ Provides Mobile Workflow Approvals

Invoice approvals in Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow), OnBase, or Kofax got you down? Take a look at RPI’s latest innovation, Yoga SMS™, and learn how you can take advantage of approvals from your mobile device.


John Marney:
Hello, and thank you for joining RPI Consultant’s Summer Webinar Series. We’re going to be discussing Yoga SMS, document approvals for your mobile device. I’m John [Marney 00:00:17] and this is Alex Lindsey who will be helping me present today.

First, a little bit about RPI. Many of you may know this already, but for those of you who don’t, we’ve been working with the Perceptive products for around 16 years now. We’ve also been working with Kofax products for a long time. In the last year, we’ve really gotten ourselves familiar with the Hyland products, as well. For this organization, very familiar with the full suite of products.

We have around 20 team members, and growing, on the Perceptive practice. We’re based here in Kansas City. The remainder of our company, around 70 consultants, focuses on the Infor Lawson products. Our headquarters are in Baltimore, we also have an office out of Tampa.

Alex Lindsey:
In a lot the work that we do, again, like John said, is around the Perceptive products, but we do this for the Kofax, as well as for the Hyland pieces as well, so eForm development, iScript development. No matter how big or small, we’ve pretty much tackled everything at this point. Workflow designs, and redesigns, which I personally like to do quite a bit. So if you have an old solution that you implemented, let’s say, in 2008, for instance, and you want to reexamine that, we can do that. Upgrades, health checks, if you want to take a look under the hood, just see … Get some outside perspective of how your solution’s working. Security audits, migrations, and we also have expertise within clinical and HL7.

John Marney:
Fantastic. So first, Alex, what is Yoga?

Alex Lindsey:
That’s a great question, John. Yoga is an HTML5 front-end built by RPI. We’ve actually built this ourselves. It’s primarily for use within Perceptive Content, so it basically sits on top of Perceptive Content. It allows you to do a lot of things with your existing solution, but through an HTML5 browser. This means your tablets, your smart phones, things like that.

Some of the benefits, there’s no Java, so everyone that loves WebNow, sorry. There’s no Silverlight. Just a modern browser. Yoga Studio is also a mode.js application server.

John Marney:
Right. That’s the back-end for the Yoga front-end.

Alex Lindsey:
It also connects the Perceptive via integration server calls.

John Marney:
Right. And so what is Yoga SMS? Well, it is not Yoga, they are separate products. Yoga SMS is a web service for mobile document processing. What that means is, this is something that will integrate directly into your Workflow to send a text message and a document image to a verified phone number, so that you can get your document images and approvals, is really what we’re talking about, out to users away from a computer.

This easily integrates with your existing Workflow, so this is really a layer that sits on top of what you have right now. And really, in our design considerations, this is perfect for invoices in Accounts Payable. That’s what we’re gonna be demonstrating to day. That was really the main driver behind why we built this.

Reasons to use Yoga SMS. Number one, if you have workers in the field who need access to documents quickly, we’ve worked with a client recently who had a lot of field locations, and they had workers out visiting their customer sites. If they … if we needed to reach them to get them to review documents or approve them, this is perfect for that application.

Additionally, executive approvers who are always on the go, if your CEO or CFO is always clamoring for streamlined mobile approvals, which we hear a lot, this is perfect for them as well.

Additionally, this allows for maximum device flexibility. What I mean by that is, you never know how a certain piece of software’s gonna run on any given computer, or tablet, or phone. For this, if the device can receive an MMS and an SMS, then it’ll work. Any cell phone that can … [inaudible 00:04:04] smart phone. If you’re using a flip-phone, you’re out of luck … that can view these images, can do this and it’ll work the same way for everyone.

Additionally, this will allow for improved Workflow turn-time. It’s a lot easier for people to ignore email and they’re in-the-shop Workflow, than it is to ignore that little notification icon on your iPhone. I think this can drive more productivity among your users.

Alex Lindsey:
So what are some of the requirements around using Yoga SMS? Primarily, we’ve developed this around Perceptive Content 7.1.5. That was the go-ahead version. It may work in older versions, and it’ll probably work in 7.2 as well, again, just testing it out.

John Marney:
It’ll definitely work in 7.2, and it more than likely will work in anything over 7.0. That’s just not what we developed it on. The main driver there is it uses certain integration server calls, which may not be supported in older versions. Again, we can definitely … We can even make it not use integration server at all, if need be.

Alex Lindsey:
Yeah. It’s also platform agnostic, so you can technically put this on top of a Kofax Workflow, or a Hyland, something like that, to basically work into your solution. So it’s not just for this. It’s flexible enough to do quite a few other things.

John Marney:
That’s right. It requires an integration server license with transaction pack. Most anybody will have that who has installed Perceptive Content in that last five years. If you’re not sure, we can always hop into a call with you to quickly find out.

And all it takes to deploy this is one small executable that we developed to facilitate that web service call, and a few minor changes to your existing Workflow scripts. Of course, if you don’t have an approvals Workflow and you’d like to start one, we can help you with that, too.

Okay, a few features. This product, Yoga SMS, can be used with all types of approvals. Many of you will have one of these, probably not multiple, but the three main types are Workflow, where documents are routed from sub-queue to sub-queue, or from work queue to work queue, and users will route their approval or rejection.

The second, and probably most common, is stamp-based approvals, where users are required to affix “approved” and “rejected,” or maybe other types of annotations to the document and route it forward. That’s what we’re gonna be showing today.

Finally, tasks that are applied to the document requesting user, or multiple users approvals, are supported as well. Again, this is a layer that sits on top of what you have. This leverages your existing approval scripts, and your existing approval matrix. The one caveat to that is we would need to modify your approval matrix to include a phone number, so that we can actually send the text message.

Of course, we’re very concerned about security. On a first approval for any given phone number, it will ask for email verification. That email address should already exist in your approval matrix, so we can just leverage that.

Of course, this is our product, so this is basically infinitely customizable. Any language, or modifications to the images that would make sense for your environment, we can make.

So now, we’re gonna walk through a quick example process for how Yoga SMS would be used, and then we’re actually gonna show a demonstration video.

Alex Lindsey:
Basically, an AP clerk will key in their invoice, maybe you have OCR technology on the front-end, like KTM, or Intelligent Capture, that’s basically pulling some metadata. Maybe you’re just using the document without an eForm, or if you have an eForm, basically this AP clerk is filling in the data, to basically prep the document for approvals.

They will then route the document forward. Again, like John mentioned earlier, we’re not trying to revamp, or completely change a solution, just sitting on top. So those scripts will basically kick off, send an SMS to that first-level approver, so a department manager. Maybe that’s all you need. They’ll get the text that’ll ask them to approve or reject the invoice. They’ll reply back to that same text stream, you know, approve with a specific number and you’ll see that demonstrated as well.

John Marney:
So in this scenario, maybe that invoice triggers a second-level approver. In this case, that would go to the department director. They will receive the same text message, and the invoice image, but it will actually display the manager’s approval on there with a stamp annotation, so you’ll be able to see that reflected on the document.

They, of course, will also reply with their approval, and that will trigger the system to send it back to the accounts payable Workflow so they can process it for payment.

So now we’re gonna go ahead and do a quick video demonstration.

I’m gonna go ahead and demonstrate Yoga SMS. I am currently logged into Perceptive Content 7.1.5. That said, Yoga SMS could work with just about any platform, whether that be Lawson, APIA, or Hyland OnBase, or anything like that. I’m going to demonstrate how Yoga SMS would work with a typical invoice approval process. However, it could be used with really any sort of approval or Workflow, such as human resources, or higher education, or any sort of Workflow that requires on-the-go, or mobile viewing.

So I have a document waiting for me. This is an invoice document. Go ahead and open it up. On the left, you’ll see that this is an invoice for 10 widgets. On the right is my trusty APE form, and it’s coded correctly. Most accounts payable approvals are driven off of the GL account in the amount. That is the case with this as well.

In setup in this environment, I have the normal stamp approvals process, which is configured in many environments out there. Maybe you’re using Workflow, where your users route it to an approved or rejected queue. Or you’re using tasks. We can actually integrate with any of those approval processes, and really, Yoga SMS can hook right into your existing process and use your existing approval matrix without many changes