Yoga Connect for Dynamic Enterprise Content and ERP Integration

Often, the most complicated part about integrating your content management platform with your ERP is the precarious combination of custom scripts, scheduled server tasks, and imports/exports of flat data files and images. These integrations create multiple points of failure and provide poor auditing and tracking for individual records.

That’s why RPI has developed Yoga Connect, an API-based connector for Kofax, OnBase, or Perceptive Content to exchange data programmatically with some of the largest ERP vendors, including Lawson and Microsoft Dynamics. In this webinar, RPI Senior Solution Architect Alex Lindsey and Senior Project Coordinator Bailey Bettis will provide a detailed overview of Yoga Connect and give a few examples of how you can replace your current integration solutions.

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Alex Lindsey:
Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining another Webinar Wednesday. Today we’re going to be talking about Yoga Connect by RPI Consultants. It’s a product that we developed to help you integrate directly into your ERPs. A few housekeeping items to keep track of first, this recording, or this presentation will be recorded. The actual presentation itself, PowerPoint will be distributed to everyone on this call at a later date, by the end of the week, or next week.

This video will also be posted to YouTube at a later date as well. You can always reference this in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to put those in the go-to webinar chat window at any point. We’ll take questions at the end. If you have any ideas for any additional webinars that you’d like cover in the future, please feel free to put that in the window as well. We’d be happy to present on that as well.

One of the things to call out to people who have already done this webinar today, due to some technical difficulties earlier today. We are having another webinar Wednesday December fifth. We’re gonna be covering AP automation with Kofax TotalAgility and Lawson APIA and how those, kind of integrate. It’s content management with Infor Lawson. We’ve also got some past webinars that you can check out as well.

If you’re interested in the Infor practice, we have a ton of webinars that are going on a