Frequently Requested Brainware Enhancements

RPI has some of the most experienced Brainware (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture) consultants in the industry with over a decade of experience across nearly every industry and solution. With that much experience, we have seen some awesome custom Brainware implementations and enhancements that help save our clients serious time and money.

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John Marney:
Hello everyone. And welcome to another RPI Consultants webinar Wednesdays. Today we’re going to be discussing some frequently requested Brainware enhancements. There are things at that our clients often ask us for and that we implement. We wanted to share them, so you could get some ideas as to why it might be useful for your environment.

A few items real quick, of course, the side deck will be available to all attendees as well as a recording of this presentation will be available on YouTube. Of course as always, please submit any questions you have through our GoToWebinar questions pane inside of the GoToWebinar client. And of course as always, if you have any ideas for presentations that you would like to see, any topics, software solutions that you would like some more information on, we are happy to put that together, so please, just let us know.

Our agenda for today, we’ll give you a quick introduction and then we will jump into some enhancements that apply to pretty much anyone who has Brainware installed. They are not generally solutions specific. Then we’ll talk a little bit about Visibility reporting and how you can use that. The second half of the webinar will be around enhancements that are for specific use cases, generally for just Distiller for invoices or invoice processing but not necessarily. Then we’ll wrap up with some questions.

I am John Marney, for those who don’t know me. I am the manager of Solution Delivery on the imaging team. I have extensive experience in designing and implementing various software products and solutions, from Kofax to Perceptive to OnBase. Most of my experience does lay in the accounts payable space for health care organizations and manufacturing organizations though I have done a huge variety of various projects. And I’m a proud K State alumni.

Michael Madsen:
Hello. My name is Michael Madsen. I’m a senior consultant. I generally work with designing and implementing Hyland products. A lot of the areas that I work in are going to be around manufacturing. Also, accounts payable and higher education. And luckily I am the office Dungeon Master so get those d20’s warm.

John Marney:
All right. So a little bit about RPI. We are 80 plus full time consultants, project managers, developers. We have offices in Baltimore, Tampa, and right here in Kansas City where our team is based. We run the gambit of professional services. So