An Introduction to Advanced Data Capture with Brainware by Hyland

Brainware by Hyland, formerly known as Perceptive Software’s Perceptive Intelligent Capture, is the driving force behind Hyland’s highest tier of automation. Brainware provides organizations with the ability to intelligently capture data from documents through advanced document recognition, OCR, and data extraction engines.

When used in conjunction with and ERP or ECM platform, such as OnBase or Perceptive Content (ImageNow), documents can be automatically indexed, routed into workflow, and assigned ImageNow eForms populated with information such as accounts payable GL coding. Brainware is an extremely valuable tool for AP automation, transcript processing automation, and automating other high volume data capture solutions.


Alex Lindsey:
Hello everyone, and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday with RPI Consultants. Today we are going to be talking about advanced data capture with Brainware by Hyland. But before we do, we’re gonna cover a few housekeeping items. First and foremost, this webinar will be recorded. I will be posting this on YouTube and on our blog on our website. For those of you dialing in today, we are gonna send out a copy of this slide deck that you’ll see today for any type of further review you want to do.

We also have a moderator standing by, so if you guys have any questions throughout the presentation, please go to the webinar box labeled questions, and insert your question. We will be happy to handle those at the end of the presentation.

Additionally, if you have any ideas for more webinars, we can continue to come up with as many as possible. But if there’s something you specifically want to see or want to explore, we’d be happy to do another webinar for that, and please just put that in the comments section as well.

And finally, we have one more webinar today. It is for our PROFORMA product. It is a great software for management. If you haven’t seen it before, I encourage you to join that. There’ll be a list of … there’ll be a site where you can go at the end of the presentation, so if you’d like to join that webinar, we highly encourage it.

So let’s go ahead and get started. My name is Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solution architect with RPI Consultants. I’ve been working with the ECM products, OCR products for six plus years now, so I’m very familiar with a lot of those. I specialize in accounts payable solutions, as well as non-payment solutions. If you’re looking to do something weird with the software that you own, please come talk to me.

Michael Madsen:
Hello. My name is Michael Madsen. I am a senior consultant with RPI. I’ve been a consultant for around five years. I specialize in manufacturing, higher ed, and accounts payable departments.

Alex Lindsey:
A little bit on the agenda today. First and foremost, we’re gonna talk about us, because we’re narcissists, and that’s just what we do. But we’ll cover a lot of who we are, what we do. Then, we’ll jump into Brainware and kind of how it can help you. Some unique scenarios, because it is a very unique product in the fact that it can do a lot for you. Then we’ll show a demo that Mike put together of the verify tool that is part of the Brainware Suite.  Then we’ll cover some additional features, and we’ll close out with a summary and open up for questions for you in the audience.

Michael Madsen:
So, a little bit about RPI Consultants. We have around 80 consultants scattered across the United States. We have offices in Tampa, Baltimore, and Kansas City. Alex and I are on the ISTS imaging team with around 20 consultants in Kansas City. We work with Kofax, OnBase, Capture, Content, and Lawson. So, we can help you out with any of those things. Some of the things that we do are integrations, Go-Live support, managed services. We can also help analyze your current workflow processes to enhance your productivity there.

Alex Lindsey:
We also offer managed services and remote administration solutions as well.

So, kind of jumping into what Brainware is. You’ve probably heard about it. If you are a Perceptive Content customer, you are probably very familiar with what Brainware is, so you may already be using it. Perhaps you’re an OnBase customer, and you’ve heard all the good news about Brainware, things like that.

So there has been quite a few changes within the ECM space. Perceptive Content and Brainware rolled up under the Hyland umbrella. And, it’s important to note that Brainware is the go forward OCR engine for the OnBase customers. So no matter where you’re approaching this from, I think there’s something for everyone is this presentation.

Michael Madsen:
And to give a little bit of background information on what Brainware is, it’s just a powerful OCR technology. So you can read documents into Brainware, it can extract the data from it, and then it can export it to pretty much any ERP or ECM you want to use it with. And also, there’s reporting, so the visibility reporting of Brainware will kind of give you some statistics about your Brainware usage.

Alex Lindsey:
Field specific stuff. If you’re getting a vendor ID correctly or not. Very specific things. It’s a great reporting tool.

So when you’re considering purchasing Brainware, for instance, or if you’re just exploring other OCR technologies, here’s a feature deep dive of kind of what best use case scenarios for Brainware technology.

So essentially, it is a great front end OCR system to basically capture anything. I