Automate your Human Resource Processes with Enterprise Content Management

Whether your focus is on recruiting, retention, professional development, benefits, regulatory compliance, or any other employee-focused process, Human Resources departments and professionals are managing more complex processes than ever. Imagine how that would change if you could minimize paperwork, automate data entry, and improve the employee’s work experience.

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Abbey Oliver:
Hi, everyone. We are actually experiencing some technical difficulties with our camera today. Sorry about that. But all the content that you will need will be within this slide deck and from our voices, so we’ll just move forward. Today we are covering automating human resources processes.

I just want to cover a few housekeeping items. This webinar will be recorded and shared on our vlog and our YouTube channel in a few days. For those of you dialing in today, the slide deck will be shared via e-mail immediately after the webinar.

We also do have a moderator standing nearby, so if you have questions, feel free to submit them and we will answer them, most likely at the end of our webinar. Also, if you have any additional ideas for upcoming webinars, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

I am Abbey Oliver. I am a senior consultant here at RPI. I have over five years of experience both in designing and implementing solutions, whether that be ECM solutions or advanced data capture solutions. I do mostly focus on HR and insurance, as well as some custom solutions too.