ImageNow and Lawson Integrated Forms with Yoga Forms™

Join RPI while we discuss ImageNow and Lawson-Integrated Forms with Yoga Forms™ (formerly PROFORMA). Imagine deploying ImageNow-integrated, web-based eForms with amazing aesthetics in less than an hour. Part of our Winter Webinar Wonderland series.


All right, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Good afternoon once again everyone, my name is Keith Wayland from RPI Consultants. We have a very exciting presentation for you today, PROFORMA, which is a rapidly deployable form solution developed by RPI Consultants. It’s a need we’ve seen for many years, very exciting to have something that’s as intuitive and easy to use as PROFORMA. We have some excellent presenters here today to show it to you, Mr. Geoff Lilienfeld, who’s the head of our ECM practice, and Mr. Chad Tucker, who manages most of the PROFORMA development. Before we hand off to them, just a few housekeeping notes.

First and foremost, you should be seeing a live video recording, you should be able to toggle between the Power Point and the video as you please. Number two, if you have any questions, please type them in to the GoToWebinar questions box. We have a lot of folks attending this webinar, we are going to try to ask questions throughout the presentation, but if we have too many of them, we’ll have to address them after the fact. Again, we do encourage them, they help the conversation, we want to make sure that we’re addressing whatever concerns you have. Third, and most importantly, we will be recording this webinar, it takes us a couple of days t