ImageNow and Lawson Integrated Forms with Yoga Forms™

Join RPI while we discuss ImageNow and Lawson-Integrated Forms with Yoga Forms™ (formerly PROFORMA). Imagine deploying ImageNow-integrated, web-based eForms with amazing aesthetics in less than an hour. Part of our Winter Webinar Wonderland series.


All right, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Good afternoon once again everyone, my name is Keith Wayland from RPI Consultants. We have a very exciting presentation for you today, PROFORMA, which is a rapidly deployable form solution developed by RPI Consultants. It’s a need we’ve seen for many years, very exciting to have something that’s as intuitive and easy to use as PROFORMA. We have some excellent presenters here today to show it to you, Mr. Geoff Lilienfeld, who’s the head of our ECM practice, and Mr. Chad Tucker, who manages most of the PROFORMA development. Before we hand off to them, just a few housekeeping notes.

First and foremost, you should be seeing a live video recording, you should be able to toggle between the Power Point and the video as you please. Number two, if you have any questions, please type them in to the GoToWebinar questions box. We have a lot of folks attending this webinar, we are going to try to ask questions throughout the presentation, but if we have too many of them, we’ll have to address them after the fact. Again, we do encourage them, they help the conversation, we want to make sure that we’re addressing whatever concerns you have. Third, and most importantly, we will be recording this webinar, it takes us a couple of days to get it loaded up onto YouTube and our website. We’ll be sharing that link to all attendees via email, so that you can re-watch it and share it with your colleagues. Without further ado, I give you Geoff and Chad.

Thanks so much Keith. As Keith mentioned, I’m Geoff Lilienfeld, this is Chad Tucker. I head up RPI’s ISTS practice, which is our services around ImageNow Consulting and other perceptive solutions. Chad is one of our senior consultants and developers, as well as the PROFORMA product manager. Just to give you quick agenda as to what we’re going to talk about today, going to give you a little bit of an overview about RPI for those that aren’t as familiar with us. We’ll go over PROFORMA and then we’ll try to get, as quickly as possible, into a live demo so you can see this software in action. You’ll notice we’re definitely excited about it, we both have a lot of investment into it in terms of time.

The customers that we’re using it with are loving it and we’re doing great things, saving a lot of time and money. It’s a great product to see an ROI on. For that reason, we actually are going to be showing you a straight forward pricing model that we have. RPI, we’re a professional services firm, that’s what we’re most interested in, is building trust with clients so that we can do ongoing, long-term work with you. We’ve really developed PROFORMA so that it can help that, as opposed to having massive licensing costs. After we talk about pricing, we’ll have a little bit of time for some Q and A.

A little background on RPI, we are based out of Baltimore, Maryland. We have satellite offices, as well, in Kansas City, Scottsdale, and Tampa, I, myself, reside out of Scottsdale. We’ve been working with Perceptive software for 15 years now, so we are very deep into this space, that is the majority of what my practice does. Most of the rest of RPI focuses on Infor Lawson, as well as working with ImageNow/Perceptive Content. We do have deep expertise in Brainware, also known as Perceptive Intelligence Capture, as well as Kofax KTM, which is another Intelligent Capture platform offering very advanced automation through OCR.

We do have a little bit more of a management consulting focus than a lot of IT consulting companies. We do really look at things as an overall picture and try to really focus on the business problems and the business process, in addition to just software. We have a very vast array of clients across multiple industries and verticals, manufacturing, retail, higher education, healthcare, not for profits. We have references beyond the number that we’d ever hopefully need to give. Just to give you a quick breakdown of what we do in terms of Perceptive services, pretty much everything ImageNow/Perceptive content related, we perform, ImageNow workflow design and ImageNow implementations, we perform ImageNow upgrades, which you can imagine, we are extremely deep in right now, especially with 6.6 hitting end of life and 6.7 hitting limited support. We do have another webinar in 2 hours that’s covering the upgrades, some of the challenges and the changes, please join us for that if you haven’t already signed up.

We also perform custom development, that’s BI reports, eForms, ImageNow iScripts, very advanced integrations. We can make AGS calls directly from ImageNow into Lawson. We’re actually the only ones that can do that because it’s a custom solution that we developed. We’d love to talk to you more about that, if that’s of interest, please contact us after the webinar. Of course, like I mentioned, we develop around Brainware and Kofax KTM. One other service that we do