Yoga Docs™ is RPI’s Lightweight Web Client for ImageNow & OnBase

Especially for many Perceptive Content (ImageNow) customers, web client functionality and performance is often limited due to technical requirements for enterprise software. To provide a simpler and more light-weight solution, RPI has developed the HTML based web-client, Yoga Docs™. This client provides many of features and functionality necessary for business users, while minimizing issues related to performance and platform responsiveness.

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John Marney:
Hello, and thank you for joining us once again on RPI Consultants Wednesday series. Today’s topic is “What’s new in Yoga?” Yoga is our proprietary lightweight HTML client. First a few housekeeping items. The webinar will be recorder and will be available on our YouTube and our website. That will be done swiftly here this week.

For everyone dialing in today, you will be receiving a copy of the slide deck via email so don’t feel like you need to screenshot everything. We do have a moderator standing by to take questions so feel free to use the GoToWebinar question window to submit questions, and if appropriate they’ll interrupt us in the middle or they’ll just save questions until the end.

And of course, you know, please if you have any webinar ideas, any topics you’d like to see covered across the spectrum of solutions and products that we work with, please don’t hesitate to offer some suggestions. Whether it be via webinar or just email us, we would love to entertain those.

Alright. Today we had a webinar over health care solutions this morning. Today of course, right now you’re watching the yoga webinar and at 3 central we have another webinar on technical and solution health checks that RPI offers.

On May 2nd, which is our webinar Wednesday next month, we have a webinar in the morning on outlook integration for OnBase. In early afternoon we have Kofax Products and Solutions. Its an overview of all of the different things that Kofax offers.

Then later in the afternoon we have planning your next upgrade for your ECM and OCR platforms. A little bit about me. My name is John Marney. I’m the manager of solution delivery here at RPI Consultants on the imaging team. Over 8 years of ECM and OCR design implementation experience. Majority of my experience has been in back office, solutions, accounts payable, human resources, often in hospitals or health organizations. I am OnBase installer and KTA essentials certified, and many people don’t know this about me, but I am actually a failed NFL wide receiver.

Alex Lindsey:
It’s true.

John Marney:
As is Alex I guess.

Alex Lindsey:
He failed very hard. My name is Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solution architect here with RPI Consultants. I’ve got over 6 years working with ECM, Workflow products as well as OCR products. My focus is a lot on automation. So if you have solutions or pr