Upgrading to Perceptive Content 7.2.2

Join RPI for this webinar on upgrading to Perceptive Content 7.2.2. Senior Consultants Jeff Jones and Abbey Oliver show notable changes included in the upgrade, and highlight the benefits that you will receive when you upgrade to the latest version of Perceptive Content.


Jeff Jones:
Hello, welcome to the RPI Consultants’ summer webinar series. This webinar is upgrading to Perceptive Content 7.2 and what’s new. My name’s Jeff Jones and this is Abbey Oliver and we’ll go ahead and get started.

All right, quick info about RPI. We have been working with Perceptive Software, formerly ImageNow for approximately 16 years. We also have a long history with Kofax as well as recently the Hyland OnBase software.

We have approximately 20 team members in the Perceptive practice and the remainder of the company focuses on the Lawson side and there’s approximately 70 Lawson consultants. We also have offices in Baltimore, Tampa and Kansas City.

Abbey Oliver:
So, just to give you a little background about what we do, we are happy to work with you guys on any custom development, whether that’s eForms or iScripts. We also do workflow designs and that can obviously be anything new or a redesign of your current solution and then Jeff knows, we do a lot of upgrades. Then, as well as health checks, security audits, migrations, and the clinical HL7 solution.

Jeff Jones:
Thanks Abbey. My name is again, Jeff Jones. I am a former Perceptive Software support specialist, many, many years ago. I have approximately 10-years experience with the ImageNow/Perceptive content product suite and areas of administrations port, solutions and, for the past couple of years, I’ve focused primarily on upgrades. I’ve done about 50 or so upgrades, ranging from version 6.4 all the way up to the current version 7.2, as a consultant for RPI Consultants.

Abbey Oliver:
And again, I’m Abbey Oliver, I was also a former solution consultant at Perceptive Software and I have about five years of experience with ImageNow and Perceptive Software, Perceptive Content, I’m sorry. I mainly focus on the custom solution designs and I also implement those as well. My experience kind of ranges in a background of banking, accounts payable, HR and insurance.

Jeff Jones:
Nice. All right. So, while this webinar is specific to upgrading to 7.2, for those of you that may still be on version 6.7, we recommend taking the time to check out our webinars that cover changes starting with 7.1. Those webinars are upgrading from ImageNow to Perceptive Content 7.1. Our webinar that covers Perceptive Content’s developmental security, as well as the INMAC to FCC conversion. These can all be found on the RPI Consultant’s YouTube page.

All right. So, Perceptive Content 7.2 was released in March of this year, it is currently on build 2.95 of the current version. For those of you who have upgraded to 7.1, the look and feel does remain the same, the major differences come in the elimination of some of the products and agents. This is what we’re going to primarily focus on for this webinar. We’ll just discuss those components that were retired.

To start off, we wanted to touch on some of the major changes in version 7, for those of you still on 6.7 or early versions of 7.1, we will discuss these items further in upcoming slides, but it’s important to note, before upgrading to 7.2 that some products do no longer exist. So, there are some changes to the Windows and SQL version support. RabbitMQ was replaced with Message Queuing Agent as of 7.1.4. ERM Server was replaced in 7.1. Full Text Agent and Envoy have been retired for 7.2.

To start off with, Windows and SQL, 7.2 no longer has support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, it also now does support Microsoft SQL Server 2016, as well as the other versions that you see on the screen there. As far as Windows goes, again, 2008 Windows Server is no longer supported, but Windows Server 2016 is, as well as 2012 and 2012 R2.

Then, Perceptive Content Server and all the agents in version 7.1.4 and higher depend on RabbitMQ and this i