Simplify Workflows with Microsoft Outlook Integration for OnBase

Microsoft Outlook integration for OnBase allows users to capture and import emails and attachments directly from Outlook. Once captured and indexed, OnBase links emails and supporting documents to existing account information and automatically adds them to critical business processes and workflows.

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Welcome to webinar Wednesday’s here at RPI, and thank you for joining the OnBase integration for Microsoft outlook webinar. My name is Pitts. We do this webinars on the very first Wednesdays of every month, and today’s webinars include our OnBase integration for outlook webinar, which is what you’re in right now.

Later today we have our Kofax products overview at one. We’ll be talking about Kapow, which is Kofax’s robotic process automation tool at two. Then Chris and Shawn will be going over your upgrade planning later on at three.

The webinars scheduled for next month in June include our very own Lawson COM Object, and then our AP Agility for Kofax KTA, as well as the approval manager solution for OnBase. Just as a reminder, June is our summer webinar series for the Lawson practice as well, so feel free to register for those at

As I said, my name is Pitts. I’ve been working in this Perceptive Content space for about six years now. I have extensive experience in the clinical healthcare space, so a lot of the products and solutions around hospitals, I do a lot of that work. I also have a tiny little Pomeranian named Tofu that I love.

I’m Derreck Mayer, one of the senior consultants here at RPI. I’ve been working with ECM products, including Perceptive Content, back for the last eight years with a focus on accounts payable back office, as well as higher education with an emphasis on client/user administrative training. In my free time I do a lot of podcasting, so you should get your dog on the show.

Here’s our agenda for today. We’re gonna talk a little bit about who we are as an organization at RPI consultants, and we’ll be going over an overview of the integration for Microsoft outlook product for OnBase, as well as the architecture and licensing for it. There’ll be a demonstration video for some use cases for that product, and then we’ll go over the features in more detail before wrapping things up and opening it up to questions for everyone.

All right, so who we are, RPI Consultants. RPI Consultants currently has over 80 employees across the country with three main headquarters in Baltimore, Tampa, and Kansas City, Missouri, which is where we are. Our team consists of consultants, project managers, and technical architects. We focus on various areas including experience in installations and upgrades, architecture and strategy solutions, manage services, and we focus on basically these product line: OnBase by Hyland, Brainware by Hyland, Perceptive Content, Kofax, and we design solutions to implement and so forth.

All right. So the integration for Microsoft Outlook. This solution connects email to the business