Planning your Migration from Perceptive Content to OnBase by Hyland

Although there is no planned end of life support for Perceptive Content, many customers are considering their options for migrating from the platform to OnBase by Hyland. There are many considerations when making this decision, including the cost of software and project resources, and the benefits of new features and functionality.

RPI Consultants is in a unique position to provide insight and guidance on how Perceptive Content customers can evaluate and prepare for a migration to OnBase. In this webinar, RPI Manager for Solution Delivery John Marney combines his experience with both Perceptive Content and OnBase to lead a conversation on how to evaluation and plan for a migration.

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John Marney:
All right. Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another RPI Consultants Webinar Wednesday. Today our topic of discussion is around planning your migration to OnBase. This webinar is going to be largely a discussion around migrating from Perceptive Content to OnBase. However, a lot of the topics we discuss are general advice in decisions and planning for any type of system migration. So, definitely a valuable advice. First, a few housekeeping items. Of course, the webinar will be recorded and posted on our website pretty soon after we’re done here in the next couple of days. The site deck will be shared to all attendees, so don’t feel like you have to speech out everything. Of course, we have someone standing by to answer questions, so please feel to get into that go-to webinar window and the questions playing there. Type up your question and submit it.

Of course, if you have any ideas for future webinars, any content that you’d like to see, we’ve got OnBase content planned for the rest of the year practically, but if there’s any topics you would like to see, please, please let us know. And finally, this is the first in a series of two webinars today. This afternoon we have a webinar on process automation in the manufacturing space. So, if you’re in the manufacturing space or even if you’re not, feel free to join that to pick up some valuable information, and that is at 2 o’clock Eastern.

So, let’s get started. This is just another webinar in a long series of webinars around OnBase Content. The webinars we’ve already done are available at We did one around just a very high level “What is OnBase?” introduction that goes over some features, has a small demonstration of the product, and then we did a two-part series on a direct comparison between Perceptive Content an OnBase. Both of those are available. Upcoming in the next few months you’ll see a webinar around diving a little deeper into OnBase modules and features, going into some of the really cool things that OnBase can do. We’ll be t