OnBase Solutions for Healthcare

OnBase by Hyland is used across nearly every industry and every functional area, especially by healthcare organizations. Join Cailen Myers, Senior OnBase Consultant for RPI Consultants, to learn how a health system in Northeast Ohio is using OnBase in over 20 departments.

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Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining the OnBase in Healthcare webinar. A couple housekeeping items before we get started. I do want to let everyone know that this webinar will be recorded and will be made available online with all our other webinars at www.rpic.com/webinars. So, you can definitely listen to this webinar any time and, also, look over the PowerPoints. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them through the question panel on the Go To Webinar window. We will definitely go over those either during the discussion or at the end.

OnBase by Hyland can be used across nearly every industry and every functional area, especially in the healthcare organizations. So, that is what we’re going to discuss today. A couple future webinars that we have coming up for OnBase are listed here on the screen. So, please go on to RPI’s site and sign up for these webinars. There’s some really great content in all of them. If you have any suggestions for future webinars, we definitely would like to hear those, as well.

A little bit of information about myself. My name is Cailen Myers. I am one of the Senior OnBase Consultants for RPI. I have been working with OnBase for over 10 years now. Anything in designing, implementing, upgrading, supporting OnBase, pretty much you name it and I’ve had some type of experience with it. I do specialize in healthcare and, also, in our EMR and ERP integrations. I do have a couple certifications: OnBase System Admin and Advance System Admin, OnBase Workflow and Advance Workflow, and I also have the OnBase Support Engineer certification. Like I said, I do specialize in healthcare, so I do have a couple EPIC certifications, as well.

On a more personal note, I am a mom to three Siberian Huskies. I love baking and I love scrap booking. You guys will hear this voice a lot as we go through our OnBase webinar series. So, just so you get familiar with me and know a little bit about me. So, let’s jump on in. Our agenda today, we are going to discuss some challenges in healthcare technology, OnBase across the healthcare enterprise. It’s more than just clinical, a case study for OnBase in a healthcare system, and then a summary and any questions you may have.

So, our challenges in healthcare. Healthcare organizations have unique challenges and requirements, as I’m sure most of you know, for technology and software that are related to patient care and regulations. Some of the challenges for the patient care is high availability and up-time requirements. Also, interoperability. So, making sure that everything is integrated, you can access it when you need it in order to take care of that patient at that time. Of course, there are always going to be patients and account merges, and un-merging, as well. Re-indexing patient records, tracking any type of audit trails, and medical supply management. There’s, of course, challenges, also, with regulation. Obviously, everyone in healthcare knows about PHI for protected health information. Patient access and security. Prescribing and orders. Also, signatures, electronic, preferably, but what does that mean for everybody?

As I discussed, OnBase by Hyland offers software and solutions across the healthcare enterprise to meet all these unique administrative, operational, and clinical challenges of any hospital and health system. Some of the common pain points, pretty much in any organization, is security to documents. Who can see what document? How do we know that somebody accessed the document? What if somebody goes looking for a document and it’s not there? We don’t know, if it was a paper document, who was the last person that saw it? Was the document ever created? If they go to look for a document and it’s missing key information. So, for a healthcare system, a medical record number, a patient’s name. For non-medical or for back office items, an employee ID number or employee name, maybe a vendor information, things like that. Any time you’re dealing with paper, there’s always some type of missing information on documents.

Then there’s just making copies of documents to send to others. You make a copy, you send it to somebody, now somebody made a mark up on that copy that was sent, and then that’s now no longer the original. The person who has the original does not know about that change. Which then, even if you’re sending a document to multiple people to approve, somebody can make a change and someone that approved the paper document two approvals before, also wouldn’t see that change. So, there’s always a lot of pain points when you’re dealing with paper documents. So, moving to an electronic system would be the best route. OnBase has a lot of those solutions to cover some of these pain points.

Some of the functional areas. Administration: departments and solutions related to the business of running the healthcare enterprise. Your operational areas: departments and solutions related to operations or delivery of clinical services across the health enterprise. Then the clinical areas, of course. So, our departments and solutions that are related to the delivery of the patient care within the healthcare enterprise.

So, our administrative. There’s accounts payable and invoice processing, human resources automation, materials management and patient financial services, to name a couple solutions. Operational, we have admitting and enrollment, patient registration and access, medical research, faculty affairs, if any organizations use employee resource groups, and the