Webinar: Manage Approvals with OnBase Approval Manager

If you’re managing complex approval hierarchies inside spreadsheets or other cumbersome applications, Hyland’s OnBase Approval Manager can simplify and automate even the most complex processes. OnBase Approval Manager allows you to add and manage approvals in any workflow with a simple user interface, including approval levels, roles, and notifications.

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Hello, everyone and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday with RPI consultants. This is the final webinar from the ISTS team, and today we are going to be talking about how to simplify workloads with Onbase approval manager.

A few house keeping things to start with. First and foremost, this is going to be recorded and posted on YouTube at a later date. The slide deck will be sent out, as well, for your reference. And that will include the product demo in that as well. If you have any questions, we have a moderator standing by, so please put that in the Go-To-Webinar question section. And lastly, if you have any other recommendations or ideas or topics that you’d like to talk about as part of any kind of ECM or solutions base, please let us know.

And then the final item here, our Lawson Summer Webinar series, the Summer Sizzler if you will, is going on right now, and if you’d like to join a few of those that are left throughout this week follow this link here. And since this is our last one today, we’ll just highlight the ones that we have coming up next month. We’ve got AP Agility for Kofax KTA, which is a fantastic product. RPI’s Email Capture Service, which is also great. And then OnBase Workflow Solutions. We’ll provide a link to those at the end of this webinar for you guys to register for those.

A little bit about myself. I’m Alex Lindsey, I’m a senior solutions architect. I’m with RPI Consultants. I’ve been working in the ECM workflow, OCR space for over six years now. I specialize in accounts payable integrations a lot, and help to automate our clients.

A few things on the agenda. First and foremost, we’re gonna talk about our favorite thing, which is ourselves, RPI Consultants. We’re gonna jump into OnBase Approval Manager, what it is. We have a short video, as well, to highlight how you would change a few things in it, how you configure it and what it looks like as an end-user, using OnBase. And we’ll close that with some considerations and use cases, and then open it up for Q&A.

So a little bit about RPI Consultants. We are a professional services organization, we have 80 full-time consultants, project managers, technical architects, with offices spread across Tampa, Baltimore, and Kansas City, Missouri, where we are located. If you’re working with someone from the Imaging Strategy team, we’re probably here. We offer a lot of different services around that, anything from as simple as scripting a process to full solution re-designs. If you are a customer that has a new product, or a customer that has an existing product but are just overwhelmed and need