Index and Search Unstructured Content with Enterprise Search by Hyland

Every organization suffers from huge amounts of unstructured content, often in the form of important data and information printed on scanned images and PDFs, but also buried in enormous ERP and other system databases. Finding the right document or record becomes a time and energy intensive process, creating unnecessary costs for the entire organization.

Enterprise Search by Hyland is a robust and powerful indexing and search engine that can be integrated to almost any database or file sharing system, including ERPs, ECM systems, SharePoint, and even other websites.

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Alex Lindsey:
Hello and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday with RPI consultants. Today we’re going to be talking about how to index and search your unstructured content and data with Enterprise Search offered by Hyland.

A few housekeeping items to start with. Webinars will be recorded and shared on our blog and our YouTube channel, which is super fancy. That should be posted within a few days after we present this. For those of you dialing in today, the slide deck will be shared via email immediately following this webinar. We also have a web moderator standing by, so if you guys have any questions, feel free to put that into the question pane for your GoToWebinar and that will show up and we’ll take questions at the end. If you have any ideas for any additional webinars that you’d like us to cover, any solution specific items, any software specific items, we’d be happy to hear your guys’ input or ideas and be happy to accommodate that.

As one other follow up, we do have one more webinar today covering some of the OnBase applications that are available to you guys. I highly recommend you guys register and do that as well. It’s going to be a nice informational topic. So yes, we’ll go ahead and get started.

Little bit about us today. Myself, I’m Alex Lindsey. I’m a Senior Solutions Architect with RPI Consultants. I’