Integrate Unstructured Health Information with HL7 and ECM

As interoperability continues to be a focus, healthcare organizations are able to integrate more and more health information and records directly into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). However, patients often still bring with them a huge amount of physical records and documents that are critical to their care. This means healthcare organizations must also find innovative ways to integrate unstructured content like external records into the EMR.

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Pitts P.:
Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays at RPI. Thank you for joining the Healthcare Solutions and Integrations with ECM. Webinar Wednesdays is our new webinar series hosted every first Wednesday of the month here at RPI. A few housekeeping items before we get started. The webinar will be recorded and shared on our blog and on our YouTube channel in a few days. For those of you dialing in today, the slide deck will be shared via email immediately following this webinar. We also have a moderator standing by to take your questions, so please feel free to submit those to the GoToWebinar interface. If you have any questions, or additional webinar topics, or something you’d like to see presented, please let us know.

As I mentioned, it is Webinar Wednesdays. Shortly after this at 1:00 join us for another webinar about our new Yoga updates. Again, that’s our lightweight web client for ImageNow. Then later at 3:00 Abbey and Derreck will be going over the technical and solution health check offerings that we have. The next webinars are scheduled for May 2nd. There you can expect our webinar over at the Outlook client with OnBase, an overview of the Kofax products and solutions, and then some of our project coordinators will be talking about planning your next upgrade. As I said, my name is Pitts. I’m a Senior Solutions Architect here at RPI. I have about six years of experience with Perceptive Content, specifically within the healthcare space, and I love my dog Tofu.

Chris Tan:
My name is Chris Tan. I’m a Senior Consultant here at RPI Consultants. I have six plus years of experience with the Perceptive Content platform, primarily focused in the clinical healthcare space, and I am a husband and father of two. For today’s agenda, we’re going to give you a brief overview of RPI Consultants, discuss integration solutions for unstructured content, focus on healthcare workflows and solutions, do a quick products overview, and then end with a Q&A session.

At RPI Consultants, we are a comprehensive professional services organization with over 18 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting ERP, ECM, and Advanced Data Capture Solutions. We have about 80 full-time employees based out of our office locations in Baltimore, Tampa, and Kansas City. We offer many different services and specialize in the product partnerships with companies such as Hyland,