Everything you need to know about ImageNow 7.2.3

Hyland recently released a minor version update to the Perceptive Content (ImageNow) 7.2 platform. There are a number of smaller product enhancements and bug fixes, but the most significant improvement is for LearnMode performance.

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Chad Tucker:
Good afternoon. Welcome to webinar Wednesdays with RPI Consultants. Today we’re doing our Perceptive Content 7.2.3 and learn mode updates.

Just a few housekeeping items. We do these webinars the first Wednesday of each month. We have some folks available in the background to take questions throughout the webinar that we’ll address afterwards. Be sure to stay tuned for our Yoga link webinar after this one.

Sean LaBonte:
So on today’s agenda we’re going to cover a little about RPI Perceptive Content 7.2.3 updates and learn mode enhancements, and the updates to content apps 2.4.

Chad Tucker:
My name’s Chad Tucker. I am a Manger of Solution Engineering at RPI Consultants. I used to be a system administrator for a hospital. Today at RPI I’m responsible for designing and scoping our custom solutions and I am a marine Veteran.

Sean LaBonte:
My name is Sean LaBonte. I’m a project coordinator with RPI. I’m responsible for managing the scope, budget, and timeline for multiple client projects and I’m still as the city’s most eligible bachelor.

Chad Tucker:
Just a little bit about RPI Consultants. We have over 80 consultants, project managers, technical architects across our offices located in Baltimore, Tampa, and Kansas City. We provide software consulting services for Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content, OnBase Brainware, Kofax suite of products.

We are a partner with Hyland and an authorized solution and service provider for both Perceptive Content and OnBase. We do everything from invitations, upgrades, health checks, custom integrations, and development.

Sean LaBonte:
So first we’re going to cover the Perceptive Content 7.2.3 updates. Most notably, we’ll start off here with the technical architecture looking at database support. The updates include Microsoft’s SQL Server 2017 capability, for Oracle 12CR2, that way you can take advantage of new security enhancements and post scripts.

Another architecture update would be for RabbitMQ, which allows for a high level of security enhancements surrounding TLS with Java. Pivotal, the maker of RabbitMQ, has also announced that 3.6, the version 3.6, will be nearing its end of life cycle here shortly. So it’s great that we’re now including 3.7 message brokers support.

Continue. We’re also looking at Tomcat 9 Web service support for versions of 7.2.3, 7.2.2, 1.5, and it’s going to utilize Java 8 or greater. Also, the file conversion service has been upgraded to version 4.2.1. This is going to be a pre-requisite for Experience Content Apps 2.4. We’re going to be utilizing a new call enhancement. This will be using a stateless API and image rendering process.

Previously there was a two call method to render images. This would definitely cause some slowness. So now we’re removing integration server dependency for rendering images to speed up the process here a little bit.

They’ve also included a status resource edition, for just checking the overall status of FCS. Sometimes there can be a little bit of confusion around these acronyms: FCS and FCC. File conversion service and file conversion component are two separate entities.

FCS is all about rendering images in a client, while FCC converts files to different image format