Common Employee / Manager Self-Service Customizations

Join RPI while we present common Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service customizations. Take the employee and manager self service experience to the next level, streaming everyday HR activities while watching this new webinar. Part of our Winter Webinar Wonderland series.


Keith Wayland: All right. Let’s go ahead and get started. Good morning everyone. My name is Keith Wayland from RPI Consultants. I want to thank you for taking the time to attend this very excellent presentation titled Self Service Santa: Your Custom Wishlist. We have a great set of presenters here, Miss Melissa Olsen, Mr. Jeff House, and Miss Jackie Dudas. These are masterminds that can make any of your Self Service dreams come true. They’re very excited to talk about some of the things they’ve done and they were able to accomplish through this.

Before I hand off the ranks to them, however, a few housekeeping items. One of them is there should be a live video feed. You should be able to toggle the screen and the PowerPoint to your liking. Number two, we love questions. Melissa, Jeff, and Jackie love questions. If you have any questions, please type them into the ‘Go Webinar’ questions box and we’ll ask them as time allows or towards the end of the presentation. Third and most importantly, we will be recording, in fact, we’re already recording this presentation, and we will be putting it on YouTube and on our website and sharing that link. Give us a couple of days as we’re doing a few of these, but it will be something to see and share in the future. Without further ado, I give you Self Service Santa: Your Custom Wishlist. Ahhhhh!

Melissa Olsen: Thank you Keith. Oh, yeah. Welcome to our presentation. We have done a similar one earlier this year, so if you’ve been to it, you might see a couple of slides that are the same. We have done a lot of new Self Service projects over the past year, so we’ve added and incorporated some new things that we’ve seen from clients in the past few months, especially during open enrollment this year. Who we are? Again, if you’ve been to any of our presentations or coming to any throughout this winter extravaganza of webinars, you may see this slide a ton. Basically, we’re a full service Lawson support consulting firm. Anything from upgrades, installations, implementations, process re-engineering.

We’re at over 50. Last time we did this we were at 40. Now we have over 50 consultants countrywide. We’re based out of Baltimore, but again, we’re located all over. We have a consultant near you. For those of you who are thinking about implementing Self Service or have just started to implement, and want to know what the capabilities are, we’ll kind of go over what you can do with Self Service. Then, we’ll talk about how you can deliver functionality or handbooks or different kind of information to different types of groups, so everybody doesn’t see the same thing when they log in.

Then, we’ll give you some examples of Self Service, some employee modifications that we’ve done, some Process Automation and Employee Self Service examples, and then we’ll move to Manager Self Service and do the custom modifications and the IPA work that we’ve done behind those. Okay. Again, this is all RPI not Infor. A lot of these things done were in version 9X, so a lot of the screenshots you see are going to be an older version, but we are doing this and we are upgrading these to version 10 as we’re doing those upgrades. All of this functionality is available in version 10 as well.

Okay, so what is Self Service? It’s basically the area that you can give your employees and your managers to view their information, take action on their information, and make changes on their information. Again, a lot of people are still using paper. A lot of people may have a combo of a little web app that creates a spreadsheet that gets mailed to HR, still is impossible for manual intervention or a paper file, and what your goal is with Self Service is to get rid of all the paper, the spreadsheets, the areas of tracking in different components, and put everything in one spot for your employees. An easy spot for them to find anything HR related.

It’s kind of small here, but this is what’s delivered out of box. I’m not going to read through everything. You’ve basically got a slew of things that you can either push out to your employees, or you can just phase it and give them a few things at a time, view only. Don’t allow them to make any changes. All of these components are able to be hidden, and all of them can be customized. Some of the generic custo