Automate Invoice Entry with Kofax ReadSoft Online

Kofax ReadSoft Online automates accounts payable processing by capturing, extracting and verifying invoices and integrating with ERP and ECM software, and partner applications in the cloud. In this webinar, we provide more information on evaluating, designing, and implementing Kofax ReadSoft Online. This webinar is perfect for businesses looking to automate parts of their procure to pay process to save time and money.


Alex Lindsey:
We are going to be talking about Kofax ReadSoft Online and how to automate your invoice entry. A little bit about your presenter, that is me, Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solutions architect with RPI Consultants. Been here over five years in the ECM, Kofax, the ERP integration area. I specialize in accounts payable, so if you have AP solution, which ReadSoft Online is, I’m your guy. And we have a small agenda here today. This shouldn’t be too long of a webinar. But, essentially we’re going to touch on what RPI Consultants is, what we offer and we’ll jump into what ReadSoft Online is. We’ll also have a demo and we’ll cover a few of the add-ons, additional features that you may not know about, we’ll close with some summary and some questions. And keep in mind as you’re watching this presentation today, think about how this could potentially fit for your organization. Now, getting into about RPI Consultants, we have over 18 years experience, designing solutions and implementations for a number ERPs and ECMs out there. We have 80+ full time consultants, project managers, technical architects. And we also have offices located in Baltimore, Tampa and Kansas City where we are currently filming from.

A lot of the services we offer, ERP, ECM, advanced data capture or OCR technology. We offer a lot of solutions around those. Technical installs, upgrades, support. Business process analysis and designs. I love to automate things, so a lot of joy I get out of the work is coming in and doing a health check for instance, and taking a look under the hood of your solutions and seeing ways that we can improve it and automate it and make it a little bit more friendly for your end-users. We also offer managed services and remote administration as well. It’s important to note that ReadSoft Online is a Kofax product. We do a lot of Perceptive videos right now, but it’s important to note that we are an authorized reseller and service provider for Kofax products. ReadSoft Online rolls up under that umbrella. I know there’s been a lot of changes in the industry, so it’s just important to note that. We also do a lot of development optimization, process designs, form design as well. So Kofax Services, we’ve got you covered if you need it.

Jumping into what ReadSoft Online is. ReadSoft Online is essentially a cloud-based invoice OCR solution. It’s got a few more aspects to it, but it essentially will integrate with your ERP and your ECM. Kind of serve as a great front-end for your account payable solution. So a little bit about it, again it’s cloud-based so it is a Software as a Service. It’s a subscription that you’d pay, essentially. There are service costs associated with just setting it up. They are fairly minimal.

It’s got a nice HTML5 user face, so I don’t know if you’ve seen other OCR technologies or demos, but this one’s got a very clean interface. It’s very intuitive to work with. It is used for only invoice OCR, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. Other OCR technologies, for instance, Brainware, can be leveraged for like a transcript solution or maybe something else that you can custom built out to OCR different things. This is primarily just for i