Automate Business Processes with Kofax RPA

Watch this webinar to understand if Kofax RPA is a good fit for automating those repetitive tasks, and we’ll provide examples of processes and actions that Kofax Kapow can automate. We’ll even leave time at the end to for you to ask about your specific processes and potential use cases.

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Geoff Lilienfeld:
All right, good afternoon. Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite topics as of lately, automating business processes with Kofax Kapow. So, Kofax Kapow is robotic process automation software, which I know is a buzzword that we’re hearing a lot. I apologize for the usage of buzzwords. But, in all reality, you’re probably going to keep hearing about it more and more as the technology evolves and the use cases become more clear.

All right, so as many of you probably know, we perform these webinars the first Wednesday of every month. We have additional upcoming webinars around Lawson com objects, AP agility for KTA, and the Onbase approval manager in June. We also still have one more webinar coming today. And that is around planning for enterprise software upgrades.

So, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Geoff Lilienfeld. I’m a partner here at RPI. And I personally oversee our Imaging Strategy and Technical Services practice. So, that practice is the one that focuses on document imaging, so Perceptive Content or ImageNow, as you may know it, Capture, Brainware, and now AnyDoc. As well as the Kofax product sweet and Hyland’s Onbase, and AnyDoc. So, I’ve been doing this for a little over a decade, having started with Mclaughry about 10 years ago. Performing management consulting and process automation then, though less technology driven than what we work on today.

So, just a quick look at the agenda. So, we’re going to talk about robotics process automation. And what exactly that means is, a lot of you are probably very familiar with it, but a lot of you are probably just wondering why you keep seeing this buzzword pop up on LinkedIn. And then we’ll specifically discuss Kapow and what exactly Kapow does and how it works. And then I want to jump straight in to a live demo, so that you can really get an idea of what Kapow looks like, and what a real world use case looks like. We’ll discuss some additional use cases that are hopefully relevant to you. And then everyone’s favorite point, is discussing license costs and professional services. While I’m talking and we’re going over these items, definitely be thinking in your mind about what the use cases are that you can use Kapow for. Please, feel free to type those in to the Go To webinar window, we do have a moderator. And he will pause me if necessary, and we can review those use cases. Or, we will take a look at them at the end. We have a good amount of time allotted to going over questions and discussing use cases.</