Automate Business Processes in OnBase Workflow

Organizations that rely on inefficient business processes suffer from lost productivity, not to mention inflexibility. OnBase Workflow intelligently incorporates important documents and content into the flow of your business so it is always directed to the right place and available at the right time.

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Pitts P.:
Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays here at RPI. Thank you for joining our OnBase Workflow webinar. Just a few housekeeping items before we get started, this webinar will be recorded and posted online on our website after it’s finished. The slide deck will be sent out to all those who have joined the call, and that will also be available online. As we go through the webinar, if you have questions, please enter them through the go-to chat interface. We have a moderator standing by. They’ll interrupt us for questions or we’ll wait till the end to kind of ask them all at the same time.

This is part of our Webinar Wednesdays, so this is our last webinar for today. The next set of webinars will be in August, August first. We’ll be going over our best practices for testing, so I’ll be doing that one with Sean here, and then after that, at 1:00, we’ll have the Brainware for Transcripts webinar, and I think Derreck should be heading that one off.

As I mentioned, my name is Pitts. I’m a senior solutions architect here at RPI. I’ve been working with the Perceptive Content suite for about six years now, primarily within the clinical healthcare space, so I know a lot about the healthcare solutions and products that are around the Perceptive solutions, and I love my dog, Tofu.

Derreck Mayer:
And I am Derreck, a senior consultant here at RPI. I’ve been working with Perceptive Content and other ECM products for a little over eight years now, with an emphasis on accounts payable, back office, higher education, and client site training. In my free time, I do a lot of podcasting.

A bit about what we are going to be going over today, we’re going to start with a bit about who we are, RPI Consultants as an organization. Then, we’ll move onto an overview of OnBase Workflow, the product, what it is, and what it’s meant for. We’ll dive into a demonstration video of OnBase Workflow. It’s a two-part demo. The first part, which is the majority of the demo, focuses on the administrative side of things, so creating a basic life cycle, and then it ends with a short user demo. Then, we’ll dive into the administration side of things. We’ll talk about primary features and components in a little more detail, and then we’ll finish things off with some available resources for you and some considerations to make, as well as opening things up for questions, which Pitts mentioned earlier.

A bit about who we are, RPI Consultants consists of over 80 consultants, project managers and technical architects, throughout the United States. We have three primary locations. There’s Baltimore, Tampa, and then Kansas City, Missouri, which is where we are here today. We cover a wide range of available services, including design and implementation of solutions, support, ad hoc support agreements, advanced support, and we have experts in upgrades and transitioning from different product suites.

Pitts P.:
Perfect. All right, OnBase Workflow. OnBase Workflow is an automation engine that you can tie into OnBase that allows you to present those appropriate items to users, or even automate parts of your workflow where appropriate. Like all ECMs,