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Kofax Transformation™ accelerates the processing of large batches of documents through automated document classification, page separation, data extraction, and data validation.

Kofax Transformation increases productivity and accelerates business processes by removing manual interventions to create a highly efficient document processing solution that eliminates errors and delays and empowers your users to focus exclusively on exceptions and other higher value tasks.

  • Built-in Integration with Kofax Capture™
    Receive processed content ready to analyze with complete chain of custody to improve compliance.
  • Document Discovery, Classification & Data Extraction
    Extract and analyze data to classify by document type, enable custom rules for validating extracted data, flag for exceptions.
  • Specialized Extractions
    Extract and validate hand-written data, including cursive, block writing, and signatures.
  • Off-the-Shelf Integrations
    Leverage and extend existing software assets with pre-built connectors, web services, and synthetic API methods.

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Working with RPI Consultants offers a number of unique advantages and benefits to Kofax customers. Our team of senior-level consultants have worked extensively with Kofax products and