Kofax TotalAgility Consultants

Professional Services & Technical Consulting for Kofax

Kofax TotalAgility™ is a highly flexible business process automation and process orchestration platform that combines all the power and intelligence of Kofax Capture™, Kofax Transformation™, and Kofax RPA™ into a single solution.

With Kofax TotalAgility, you can create unified, omni-channel, and mobile-ready process automation solutions that connect users and customers, data and content, and systems and networks in real time to digitally transform the way you get work done.

  • Omni-Channel, AI-Embedded Cognitive Capture
    Capture, Classify, Extract, Validate, & Integrate Unstructured Content of any type, in any language, from any source.
  • Content in Context with Machine Learning
    Understand content by indexing common keyword data and gauging sentiment analysis from natural language text.
  • Robotic Process Automation
    Offload repetitive and time-intensive tasks from employees, freeing them to focus on more productive and value-added tasks.
  • Process Orchestration & Intelligence
    Automate workflows and streamline case management for better compliance, decision-making, ad-hoc activity, and visibility.