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Kofax TotalAgility™ is a highly flexible business process automation and process orchestration platform that combines all the power and intelligence of Kofax Capture™, Kofax Transformation™, and Kofax RPA™ into a single solution.

With Kofax TotalAgility, you can create unified, omni-channel, and mobile-ready process automation solutions that connect users and customers, data and content, and systems and networks in real time to digitally transform the way you get work done.

  • Omni-Channel, AI-Embedded Cognitive Capture
    Capture, Classify, Extract, Validate, & Integrate Unstructured Content of any type, in any language, from any source.
  • Content in Context with Machine Learning
    Understand content by indexing common keyword data and gauging sentiment analysis from natural language text.
  • Robotic Process Automation
    Offload repetitive and time-intensive tasks from employees, freeing them to focus on more productive and value-added tasks.
  • Process Orchestration & Intelligence
    Automate workflows and streamline case management for better compliance, decision-making, ad-hoc activity, and visibility.

  • Off-the-Shelf Integrations
    Leverage and extend existing software assets with pre-built connectors, web services, and synthetic API methods.

  • Advanced Analytics
    Gain insight into automation KPIs with ready-to-go, customizable capture and process dashboards.

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Free Accounts Payable Automation Scorecard

Ever wondered how much it actually costs to get your invoices processed and paid? The number will probably shock you. For a limited time, RPI Consultants will help you measure your actual processing cost-per-invoice and how much you could save in the first year with a modern Accounts Payable Automation solution.

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Specialized Agility Solutions

Kofax TotalAgility offers a number of packaged Agility solutions for the most commonly deployed functional areas and infrastructure requirements. Agility solutions help lower implementation level of effort and minimize business disruptions by providing more out-of-the-box configurations and embedded industry-standard best practices and recommendations.

TotalAgility Cloud

Kofax TotalAgility Cloud™ combines all the power, flexibility, and extensibility of Kofax TotalAgility with Kofax’s intelligent Capture-as-a-Service to help you create a cloud-enabled future with reduced support, maintenance, and reliance on on-premises software. Deploy TotalAgility Cloud in a public or private cloud to scale with your organization’s future plans.

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AP & IP Agility

Accounts Payable (AP) Agility and Invoice Processing (IP) Agility offers rapid deployment of AP and IP automation solutions including multi-channel and global invoice capture, intelligent data capture and extraction for header and general ledger data, line-item pairing and matching, and automated approval routing and notifications.

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Claims Agility

Kofax Claims Agility™ automatically identifies medical form types, captures, extracts and validates data from forms, converts to EDI, and routes it all into your existing adjudication workstream. As a result, your organization can replace existing manual workflows or outsourcing to create more efficiency, control, visibility, and auditability.

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Why Work with RPI Consultants for Kofax Professional Services?

Working with RPI Consultants offers a number of unique advantages and benefits to Kofax customers. Our team of senior-level consultants have worked extensively with Kofax products and bring deep industry and functional experience to ensure you are taking advantage of every best practice and lesson learned.

From Design and Custom Development through to Implementation, Go-Live, and Long-term Support, RPI Consultants is the smartest choice to trust with your Kofax investment.

  • Reliable Resource Availability & Continuity at Lower Hourly Rates Across All Roles

  • Start & Finish Your Project Faster with Lower Project Management & Administrative Overhead

  • Core Capabilities & Services include Perceptive Content / ImageNow, OnBase by Hyland, Infor & Lawson, Microsoft Office 365 & Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Ellucian, and more!