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Kofax Insight™ delivers analytics and process intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyze, and optimize your functional and operational business processes across multiple systems, data sources, and even user inputs.

Unlike other business intelligence software, Kofax Insight combines real-time process monitoring and AI-powered data analysis with rich visualizations, meaningful analytics, and data integrations into a single solution for end-to-end visibility and understanding of your organization’s performance, financial health, and compliance.

  • Unparalleled Business Process Awareness
    Compare, group, and focus on data that shows how your organization is executing business processes. 

  • Performance Analysis Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone
    Accessible to business users across any device or environment to quickly see tailored information and views.

  • Single-Platform Approach
    No need for custom data warehouses, data marts, or proprietary data models.

  • Unique Visibility for Improved Decision Making
    Intuitive GUI and data visualizations for all process and business information to make fast, fact-based decisions.

With information scattered across internal databases, websites, business and legacy systems, and undocumented processes, it often feels impossible to know how well your end-to-end processes are working. Transcend traditional system boundaries and harness the power of your data with Kofax Insight™.

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