Kofax RPA Consultants

Robotic Process Automation & Software Robot Designer

Kofax RPA™ (robotic process automation) allows you to quickly and easily create software robots to replace manual tasks, decisions, and data entry without coding and across nearly any application or data source, including websites, portals, desktop applications, and other enterprise systems.

Kofax RPA creates a digital workforce that works side-by-side with your employees to replace traditionally manual interventions and maximize your staff’s true potential by allowing them to focus on managing and eliminating exceptions and other higher priority tasks.

  • Transpose Data Between Enterprise Systems, Terminal Applications, & Mainframes
    Integrate PO, Invoice, and Other Financial Data between ECM and ERP systems; Track Medical Supplies between EMR and ERP systems; Perform Mainframe to Enterprise System Data Migrations
  • Complete Complicated Data Validations Across Multiple Systems, Databases, & Web Portals
    New Vendor Setup & Vendor Maintenance; New & Periodic Physician Credentialing; Multi-step Employee Background Checks; Supply Management Price Validation & Discount Checking

  • Compile Data from Multiple Systems & Sources
    Present Unified Reports & Dashboards; Flag Data Inconsistencies & Exceptions; Prepare Data for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Processes & Analysis