Integrate Live Forms Data with Yoga Forms™

Yoga Forms™ (formerly PROFORMA) is a proprietary web-based digital forms solution developed by and exclusively available through RPI Consultants. Built on flexible XPath technology, Yoga Forms™ can easily integrate with ECM, ERP, and third party applications via SQL queries and web service calls.


John Marney:
Thank you again for joining RPI Consultants Webinar Wednesdays. Today’s presentation is around PROFORMA, which is a piece of software that RPI has created for rapid form deployment.

A few housekeeping items real quick. This webinar will be recorded and shared on our website and YouTube channel so feel free to access it there for future reference.

The slide deck and the demonstration video will be sent out to all attendees so don’t feel like you have to screen shot anything. We have someone standing by to answer questions throughout the presentation, so feel free to use the little question window inside of the GoToWebinar application to submit questions.

Finally, feel free to provide feedback for any future webinars or presentations that we can give. We love to create the content that our clients really need.

First little bit about me, my name is John Marney, the Manager of Solution Delivery here on the imaging team at RPI. Over seven years of experience with OCR implementations and design, ECM implementations and designs. Significant amount of my background is in healthcare organizations and with other back office type implementations, especially around accounts payable.

I enjoy spending my free time grilling, playing board games with my wife and friends and I’m an alumni at Kansas State.

Abbey Oliver:
My name is Abbey Oliver, I’m a senior consultant here at RPI and I have about five years’ experience both designing and implementing custom solutions as well as our standard solutions.

I was also a former consultant and Perceptive Software and I’m a very proud Kansas Jayhawk and a proud mom to an English Springer Spaniel.

So a little bit about what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to go over what RPI does in general and then lead into what PROFORMA is. We’ll dig into the features, the technology, architecture and then end with a demonstration.

Of course at the end if you have any questions, please feel free to submit those.

John Marney:
We’ll close out with some pricing information as well.

So a bit about RPI what can you tell us, Abbey?

Abbey Oliver:
We have about 80 full time consultants here and that also includes project managers and technical architects. We’re very proud of our 16 years of experience with ERP and ECM consulting.

We also have a couple offices located in Baltimore, Tampa and Kansas City.

John Marney:
We do a lot of different things. We provide a lot of different services for our clients. The highlights there are we do a lot of upgrade and installations. Our main purpose of our business is for business process automation. Helping how to make those processes in your business that are highly manual or time consuming.

We provide workflow designs and redesigns, custom development and of course platform migrations. Right now the hot topic is Perceptive to OnBase.

Okay so, PROFORMA. What is PROFORMA?

Abbey Oliver:
Well PROFORMA is a rapid deployment platform that will allow you to build forms within minutes. You can publish these forms both internally and externally outside of your organization.

We can also integrate PROFORMA directly with Perceptive Content and Hyland’s OnBase. The benefit is with little to no programming, you can build and publish these forms with a user such as a super user type role.

Also, PROFORMA can be used virtually any industry, so it can fit your business needs.

Now to kind of get into some of the features of PROFORMA, it’s very, very user friendly platform. We provide tooltips and custom error messages along with data validation and option to set required fields.

We can use utilize