Yoga Docs™ Lightweight HTML Front End for ERP / ECM / BPM

Have a look at Yoga Docs™, RPI’s HTML5-based front-end for enterprise content management or business process management solutions, including Perceptive Content (ImageNow), OnBase by Hyland, and Kofax. An RPI Senior Consultant will demonstrate Yoga Docs™ current functionality, while also discussing upcoming features. Use this opportunity to check out the Perceptive Content front-end of the future, and ask RPI any questions you may have about Yoga or its server component, Yoga Studio!


John Marney:
My name is John Marney. I’m the Manager of Solution Delivery here on the imaging team here at RPI Consultants and again, I’m going to be talking to you about Yoga today.

What is Yoga? Well, Yoga is an HTML5 front-end built by us, built by RPI for use as a front-end with Perceptive Content. There is no Java, no Silverlight, no software requirements other than using a modern browser. Yoga Studio however, is the back end for Yoga. It’s a node.js application running on node.js server, and connects directly to Perceptive via Integration Server calls, so the fetching of documents; you know, the retrieval, as well as the posting of documents with annotations, all of that is done, managed through Integration Server calls.

There’s just a few requirements for you to use Yoga. The first of course, is you need to be on Perceptive Content 7.1.3 or higher. Because of the nature of Integration Server, we obviously will need to test with releases in the future; 7.2 or whatever it’s going to be, but because Integration Server is built to be backwards compatible with the calls that are used, there should not be any issue integrating Yoga with any new release.

You’ll also need Integration Server with a license for a transaction pack. You may or may not have this, so if you don’t know, just feel free to reach out; we can help you dig into your system to find out. There is no specific type of user license needed for Yoga. It does not use one, so a user can log in without consuming a license.

Here’s some features of Yoga. It’s a lot of what you’d expect out of the Perceptive client or WebNow. You can do most of your workflow activities inside of Yoga; we’ve tried really hard to build it to be workflow capable. You can do annotations and tasks on any given document or folder for tasks.

You can use your eForms; in fact, they work really well. The APE form is included in that so you can do all of your invoice coding within Yoga. It supports views for documents, folders, and tasks. Maybe one of the biggest features, it is now or in a very shortly up