What’s New in Kofax TotalAgility 7.7

Kofax TotalAgility is a highly flexible and versatile content and business process automation platform that combines intelligent data capture with advanced OCR, digital workflow management, and process intelligence. Kofax recently released TotalAgility 7.7, with important updates to responsive forms, document conversion features, export options, and a new TotalAgility Designer.

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John Marney:

Hi, everyone, and thank you for joining another RPI Consultants Webinar Wednesdays. My name is John Marney, and today we’re going to be talking about what’s new in Kofax TotalAgility 7.6 and 7.7.

Before we get into our content, I want to talk about some other upcoming information sharing sessions that we have. This afternoon, we’re talking about what’s new in Kofax ReadSoft Online. ReadSoft Online is a SAAS invoice processing solution available from Kofax, so that’s at 1:00 PM central. Next month, as part of a larger RPI webinar week around our Infor offerings, we’re going to be talking about, on Wednesday the 11th, talking about Infor Document Management and CloudSuite. That’s in version 11. Then we’re going to be talking about some payroll automation solutions in the afternoon.

For our office hours webinars, which if you haven’t joined us, those are more deep dives into technical topics where there’s a demonstration, attendees can ask questions and we kind of go whatever way the wind blows us. Next Friday, we’re going to be talking about Perceptive Experience and providing a demonstration of that with Adam Kinney. And then in December we’re going to be reviewing Perceptive Content tasks.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is John Marney. I am the manager of solution delivery here on the content and process automation practice at RPI. I have been doing this for around 10 years now and, like much of our team, I would consider myself an accounts payable automation guru.

So, our agenda for today. First, we’re going to talk about what’s new in KTA 7.6, the latest release of that which is revision three, KTA 7.7, it was released very closely, so we’re going to split that out into separate enhancements that are contained within that. We’ll talk a little bit about what an upgrade with RPI Consultants might look like and then we’ll do a quick summary and take any questions. That said, feel free to toss any questions into the GoToWebinar panel as we go, and additionally keep in mind that the recording, the slide deck, will be available afterwards. So, don’t feel like you have to take screenshots or anything like that.

So, first, what is new in 7.6? And again, the latest revision released is R3. So, just a few notes before we go into the major changes. Internet Explorer 11 for the design side is no longer supported. This is largely due to the deprecation of the Silverlight functionality and the focus on HTML 5. Workspace informed, so the client front end is technically still supported in IE 11, however if you’re using Internet Explorer 11, I have much greater concerns that I’d like to talk to you about than just Kofax related. Interestingly, Firefox is technically not supported. I don’t know if it necessarily ever was in TotalAgility, but it is not called out as supported in 7.6. So, generally speaking, we recommend Edge or Chrome.

For the database and operating system versions, I just wanted to call that there doesn’t appear to be any changes over the previous couple of versions of KTA.

So, the latest versions of Windows Server 2019, SQL server back to 2012, are all still supported. This release was actually extremely recently, so October 24th is when R3 was made available and I’m going to cover a lot of the big highlights, but there is a lot of extensive documentation on the changes within this version. So, if you would like the full list, including bug fixes and already identified bugs, you can find those in the release notes on knowledge.kofax.com which you do need a login for.

Okay, so let’s jump into some of the big exciting things in 7.6 And we do consider this a pretty big jump over 7.5 So the biggest thing, and really a lot of what these changes all roll up into is that the designer has been completely rebuilt to utilize HTML5 instead of Silverlight. On top of the technology changes, it has been completely rebuilt to be more efficient. And we’re going to talk about what I mean by that. Again, Internet Explorer is no longer supported in 7.6 And you want to use modern browsers anyway, because they’re just much faster. So again, use Chrome. There’s an entirely new look for the KTA Designer. So, the user experience has been updated to enhance the usability, but also just humongous performance and efficiency increases in how you actually deploy your processes and your activities and your forms.

Quick screenshot, and you can see that all of the toolbox items over on the left side of the screen have been updated. Some things have been re-categorized, so it’s easier to navigate around and not as much clicking involved. Things will expand more or utilize a pop up instead of loading you into a whole new window. And another shot, if you attempt to open Designer in Internet Explorer, and that gives you the following error basically saying you need to be using Chrome or Edge. Again, of note, Firefox not listed here.

Okay. So, some of the new features, especially within the designer. So again, that homepage that we just looked at has been re-categorized