OnBase Report Dashboards

Watch this demonstration of the new OnBase Reporting Dashboards, which is now available in OnBase Foundation EP2. OnBase Reporting Dashboards now has parity with OnBase Report Services, which will no longer be supported after OnBase Foundation EP2.


Speaker 2:
This is a demonstration of OnBase reporting dashboards. I’m going to log into the OnBase unity client to provide this demonstration. Once I log into the OnBase unity client, I am on my home screen. From there, I can go to the ribbon and select reporting.

Along the left-hand side are all the reports I’m able to see. I have reports that are public reports, so everyone in the organization is able to access these reports, and I have reports that are shared with me, so these are reports that other individuals created, and they are allowing me to see them.

Let’s go ahead and run the first report on the list, the contract management report. Off to the side here, you’ll see in parentheses it says, “Workview,” so this report is pulling information based off of a Workview application.

Once the report is ran, I can see a chart, grids, a pie chart, and cards. So, this would be considered more of a basic report. I can go ahead and close this report by hitting the X up here.

And now let’s run our vendor management report. I also have our regular charts, pie charts, and grids on this report but you’ll notice I also have the map in here. The nice thing with this report is that it is interactive, so if I click on the state of Ohio, you’ll see that my information is going to change. This is only showing vendor information for the state of Ohio.

If I want to see the overall report again, I can click the X on the filter up at the vendors by States and now I’m back to my original report. I’m able to refresh the report by hitting refresh up here.

I can share this report with other users, so that’s where it would show up and shared with me. I can send this report to a personal page. Also, I can email it to someone. I’m able to copy the items to clipboard. Of course, I can print this report and then I can export this information into a spreadsheet.

This is what reporting dashboards would look like for all users within the organization, as long as they have the security to access these.

Thank you.