Using the Kofax Product Suite for Highly Flexible Solutions

The Kofax suite of products allow for highly automated and flexible solutions, including traditional and advanced data capture. Enhanced and customizable workflow automation, process intelligence, allow for process integration with ERP and ECM implementations. Kofax products can help streamline critical business processes such as procure-to-pay and invoice processing to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase accuracy and visibility.

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John Marney:
Hello and thank you for joining us once again on RPI Consultants Webinar Wednesdays. Today’s topic is an overview of the various Kofax products and services. Before we get started just a few items: This webinar will of course be recorded and shared on our YouTube within the next few days. Everybody who is attending this webinar will receive a copy of the slide deck via email. Of course, we have someone standing by to take your questions, so please feel free to use the go to webinar interface to submit your questions. Finally, we are absolutely always open to additional webinar topics. If you see something in this presentation or something completely unrelated that you would like to see more information on, please let us know. We’re happy to put together some information for you.

Before we get started, we have a few more webinars coming up. Today we have a couple more. Immediately following this webinar at 2:00 Central, we have a very extensive webinar on Kofax Kapow, which is robotic process automation. I’m going to touch on it briefly as part of this webinar, but if that’s something you’re interested in, please join us for the next one. And then at 3:00 we have a webinar around planning for your next software upgrade.

Next month for Wednesday Webinar series, we are going over three topics. The first of the morning is RPI’s Lawson COM Object, which was an item developed in house for integrating more tightly with Lawson. We have in the early afternoon AP Agility for Kofax KTA. That is an invoice processing solution. I’m going to talk a little bit about that here. And then in the afternoon we have a webinar on OnBase Approval Manager, a really excellent tool for managing your approval hierarchies. That is all part of a broader series for the whole week that the import practice is also putting on a number of webinars. If you are a Lawson user, please visit our website and peruse those.

Little bit about me: I am the Manager of Solution Delivery here in the Imaging Team at RPI. Many years of ECM and OCR design and implementation experience largely focused in back office healthcare and various financial services. I have a couple certifications. I work with a lot of different pieces of software.

So, our agenda. First I’ll tell you a little bit about RPI Consultants for those of you who don’t know that much about us. Then we’ll jump into a little bit about Kofax as a company, who they are, how we work with them. Then we’ll touch on a number of their most popular large products, which are listed here. We’ll conclude with an overview of some more niche products but still very important, and then we’ll wrap up with some questions.

So, as I said, jumping into about RPI. We have 80 plus, probably near 100 consultants PMs, developers. We have our headquarters in Baltimore. However, we are here in Kansas City. We also have an office in Tampa. We do offer the entire full suite of software implementation services and can take you from sales through delivery through support. That includes upgrades, business, health checks, or workflow designs and redesigns. We are of course partners with a variety of different organizations. Hyland,