ECM and Advanced Data Capture Solutions for Manufacturing

Learn how you can implement Enterprise Content Management and Advanced Data Capture solutions to help address the unique challenges in Manufacturing Administration and Operations.

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The manufacturing enterprise has a wide range of systems that create, leverage and store data, from ERPs to human resources systems such as Lawson, PeopleSoft, and SAP. An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system bridges the gap between business processes and other systems to manage unstructured data and content. An ECM system provides a unified platform for all content and data across the manufacturing enterprise.

Easy to learn, modify, and maintain, ECM is perfect for organizing product data, processing invoices, and managing employee information. It is critical for an ECM system to be able to provide seamless integration with ERP and other business systems in the manufacturing organization, and provide users in any department with an immediate and direct connection to the content they need when they need it to improve business processes.

ECM solutions enable managers to map and automate complex business process to speed and enhance processing times enterprise-wide, including project management, financial and procurement services, human resources, compliance and many other areas. Complex manufacturing enterprises require visibility and control.

Increased productivity, faster customer service and reduced overhead are just some of the ways ECM systems deliver a solid return on investment to manufacturers. With alerts to notify managers when a business process needs their attention, they have the ability to access their information immediately and forward approvals through the workflow with little delay.

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