Create a Digital Workforce with Robotic Process Automation

The manufacturing industry has long been early adopters of robotics, but has recently turned its attention to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to continue automating manual tasks and activities for back-office and administrative processes like Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR). RPA is a software-based technology that can be leveraged to automate certain business processes and activities to minimize human errors and maximize productivity.

The RPA market is a new and emerging market that promises tactical results while positioning organizations for strategic change. This market is evolving to address increasing productivity through ever-increasing levels of intelligent automation. The most common areas to start with in regard to RPA are manual tasks or replacing process steps with rules or bots. By studying human decisions and actions on business processes, those processes can be improved to new levels of automation.

Business stakeholders are excited by the potential of a tool to reduce costs, increase accuracy, improve compliance, and automate work in a fraction of the time and cost of typical IT software deployments. Most organizations have a vast number of business process tasks that are not automated for a multitude of reasons. RPA tools offer potential ways to automate all or some stages of manual rule-based business processes that were not previously automated.

  • Optimize time-centric and routine processes
  • Increase the go-to-market speed by maximizing productivity
  • Reduce costs by minimizing human errors
  • Increase agility in operations

RPA intelligent software robots can automate routine tasks of acquiring and integrating information from virtually any application or data source, including websites and portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems. The work your employees do in manually moving information between applications, clicking between windows, or swiveling their chair to work between workstations or monitors can now be done automatically behind the scenes by intelligent software robots.

Software robots mimic the specific actions your employees take while performing tasks in various applications. A software robot does the work like a human, with the difference being that robots never make mistakes and never stop working. In essence, the robots turn into a smart 24/7 digital workforce working side-by-side with your knowledge workers. Work is completed with 100% accuracy, avoiding costly errors and delays for rework and accelerating your workflow. RPA also frees your knowledge workers to focus on more strategic, valuable work.

RPA is a transformation technology that can automate tasks and processes across the business, from finance and accounting to customer service. Not only can you implement RPA right on top of your core business systems and realize ROI almost immediately, its use cases and applications are practically endless. An RPA platform can transform the way your company collects and processes digital information.

With an effortlessly scalable robotic workforce, you can automate a single use case or deploy and scale across your organization:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Compliance / Governance / Legal
  • Vendor and Customer Records
  • Supply Chain

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