Make RQC Home Dashboard Work for You

Written by Brittney Cruz, RPI Infor Supply Chain Consultant

Your users open up Requisition Center and they’re immediately dropped into the Basic tab of the Profile, but is that truly where your users want to be? You can change that! Starting in RQC 10.0.6.##, there is now an RQC homepage that resembles a user dashboard. This screen shows user templates, punch-out vendors, requisition statuses, user profile, and search catalog – all in one place. The dashboard is not just an informational screen, it is interactional, as well.

Default Directly to RQC Homepage

By default, Requisition Center is setup to open on the Profile’s Basic tab. In order to make use of the new homepage, a user would need to click over to the Home button. Unless the user naturally enjoys the visual aspect of using dashboards, it’s redundant to go to the Home screen instead of just clicking to the section the user wishes to access. So how can we make it so that users open Requisition Center to the homepage automatically?

RPI suggests updating your Requisition Center bookmark so that it connects directly to the RQC homepage URL. You’ll need to have access to Bookmark Manager.