RPI Office Hours: Perceptive Content / ImageNow Workflow

Join RPI’s John Marney for a live demonstration of Perceptive Content (ImageNow) workflow, including interactive Q&A from attendees.


John Marney:

Cool. All right. Thank you everyone for joining in. We have quite a few participants or attendees. This is a bit of a new series for us. This is our RPI Workshop Series. The intention behind this webinar series is that it is a little more technical and focused on some fairly specific content. Many of you have joined us previously for RPI’s Webinar Wednesdays, which are the first Wednesday of every month. Those are continuing and I’m going to talk a little bit about those.

But this is an entirely new series that we’re really excited to started. A little bit of an experiment, so format may change a little bit. But today, the topic is Perceptive Content Workflow. What we’re going to do is I’m going to have a little demonstration and then we’re going to open it up. I have a very short slide deck for you. I promise I’m not going to bore you with a really long PowerPoint. I do that the first week of every month anyway. So, let’s dive in.

Just a little bit about RPI first…by the way, this is being recorded and it will be on our YouTube channel, we send out, et cetera. As far as how you can participate, a couple different things, you can submit questions via text, many of you have already done that via the GoToWebinar questions panel. We’re also encouraging, if you would like to, you can ask questions verbally. Just raise your hand and we can unmute you to ask a question. We can have a little bit of dialogue about it, we can dive right into whatever it is. And then, I think you can also use the chat if you want.

RPI, 100-plus consultants, project managers, developers, architects, et cetera. We’re based out of Baltimore, that’s where our primary ERP practice is headquartered and located. We also have offices in Tampa and, of course, right here in Kansas City. My team in our office here behind me. We run the gamut of professional services, technical, and functional. So, whether it’s a new installation, an upgrade, migration implementation, et cetera, et cetera, we offer.

We are partners with Infor, Kofax, and Hyland. We’re a Hyland authorized solution provider. We have a huge amount of experience with Perceptive Content, Enterprise Search, Brainware, and OnBase. On the solution side, we do a lot of accounts payable automation. We’re going to talk, probably end up talking a little bit about this today. Then of course, into the healthcare with patient records, human resources. On the student side, transcript processing and automation, and all sorts of things.

Many of you know me. You’re looking at me right now. Sorry that you have to see me on webcam, but I wanted to make it a little personal. My name is John Marney. I’m the manager of the Content and Process Automation practice here at RPI. So, that’s all of our work with ImageNow, Brainware, Kofax, Hyland, et cetera. I have over eight years, specifically with ImageNow – that’s what I started with, originally from Perceptive Software. Experts, I guess. Am I allowed to say that about myself? I don’t know, but there it is in design and implementation of various workflow systems. I’m a founding father. I have a now…form of gold.

Okay. Upcoming webinars, next month, in August, we have two. August is kind of our RPA month. Many of you have probably seen the buzzwords in the that as a buzzword in the back industry. RPA is Robotic Process Automation. It is a very awesome tool. The first webinar is Kofax RPA for Accounts Payable, and that’s very solution-process to a tee. The second one, in the afternoon, is more technical or Tips and Tricks on how to implement.

Other than that, we are doing a free RPA workshops here in our office. It’s a two-day course. The first day is focused on training; second day focused on actually standing up RPA in your environment. You get a one-year free demo license that can do everything that the full license can do. And you have RPI Consultants here in the room working with you showing you how to do it. It is on October 8th and 9th. It includes everything, bus to travel. So, you get yourself here and we will show you all of the power of RPA. We’re really excited about this. Attendance is going to be fairly limited for the first run. So, please visit our website to sign up, if you’re interested.

Finally, CommunityLive. Many of you probably looking at attending. We will be there September 16th. I believe, I think that’s Sunday or the Monday…it’s a Monday. We’re having a happy hour at 5:30 Bar 32. That is at the top of the Hilton, which is where the conference is. So, please come see us.

All right. Last slide, What is This Workshop? I’ve talked about a little bit, but it really is whatever you want to speak. It is a little bit of a demonstration. I can go as long with that as you want me to, if you don’t have any questi