RPI’s Yoga Connect™ for Lawson

Why be limited to out-of-the-box functionality when your business process doesn’t fit a “standard” approach? Fortunately, RPI provides options with our custom built Perceptive Content connector for Infor Lawson that uses AGS (Application Gateway Service) calls to communicate with Lawson directly. This functionality gives you the ability to script transactions to any screen that you would normally use to process transactions within Lawson. It allows uploads of invoices within seconds rather than utilizing typical flat file integration with MA540 or AP520, which can take as long as 30 minutes to view the data in Lawson. The RPI Lawson Connector gives you more flexibility and the full breadth of invoice processing capabilities that typical standard interfaces do not provide.

Perhaps you are using PO25 Vendor Agreements, and your business process requires manually coding invoices or redistributing cost accounts on PO lines as the invoices come in. Instead of re-working your entire business process to facilitate a canned invoice interface, we can make the interface fit your business needs by utilizing an iScript that posts AP eForm data to Lawson via AGS calls initiated through Perceptive Content. This Lawson Connector can be used on any screen in Lawson and can be customized for any number of calls.

We confidently provide this offering to our clients due to multiple successful implementations that have proven results. We have used our connector in HR, PR, MM, GL and PO based business process automation and Perceptive Content Workflow. The custom connector provides several time-saving benefits to improve process efficiency. Make the connector part of your workflow for error handling as it allows for immediate feedback if an upload fails, granting the ability to manage errors without having to pull reports from Lawson. The connector also eliminates the need to process batch export files manually, thus provisioning a real time interface into Lawson.

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