Review of Perceptive Content EP2 (ImageNow 7.5)

Hyland released Perceptive Content EP2 (ImageNow 7.5) in June 2020. With over a decade of Professional Services experience with Perceptive / ImageNow, RPI Consultants will provide a detailed review of this latest release as well as an overview of Hyland’s release schedule, roadmap, and end-of-life support dates.

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Daniel Jenab:
All right, I think we are good to go ahead and get started. So, hello everyone and thank you for joining us today for another one of RPI’s Webinar Wednesdays. My name is Daniel Jenab. Presenting with me is Quinn Huntsman, and together we’re going to be going over the recent release of Perceptive Content EP2. What you need to know and why you might consider upgrading soon, but before we get started, let’s tell you a bit about who we are.

Again, my name is Daniel Jenab. I am a project coordinator here at RPI Consultants. I received my master’s degree in communications management from The George Washington University. I have extensive experience managing successful projects that involve the full Content & Process Automation software suite. That’s Perceptive Content upgrades and enhancements, Brainware by Highland, e-forms, iScript development, the full Kofax lineup, which includes total agility, transformation, capture, RPA, and Infor Lawson products of loss and D10, and the new work CloudSuite financials. However, of all of those I’ve easily gone through the most ImageNow and Perceptive Content upgrades during my time here at RPI. And for a fun fact about me, I am the de facto office personal trainer and nutritionist. And please remember a personal health check is just as important as a technical health check.

Quinn Huntsman:
All right. I am Quinn Huntsman. I’m a business analyst here with RPI Consultants. My background is mostly in Perceptive Content administration and troubleshooting. I do a lot of upgrades, some integration, some I-script work here and there. So that’s most of what I do on the Perceptive Content side. I am also a certified technical solutions specialist for Kofax’s RPA product or robotic process automation. So, a lot of fun stuff there that we have some content out on as well. If Daniel gets to be the office fitness guy, I will self-certify myself as the office stir fry master. I’ve had a lot of practice with the new normal at home, practicing my cooking. So, I’ll claim that one.

So, what’s on the agenda for today? First, we’re going to talk about Highland’s Perceptive Content release strategy with the release of EP1 and going forward, what it means for specific versions and the path of upgrading. After that, we’ll talk about what as far as content, as far as features is new in Perceptive Content EP2. We will also at that time quickly revisit what’s new in Perceptive Content 7.3 and EP1 to kind of provide a catch-up for folks who may be coming from 7.1.5 for before. As part of that we’ll also be talking about what’s new in Perceptive Experience content apps.

We’ll do the same thing with that. We’ll recap what’s been new since 7.3 EP1 and then what is specific to EP2. To wrap things up Daniel’s going to talk a little bit about planning your upgrade here with us at RPI, why you should upgrade depending on the situation you’re in coming from different versions of Perceptive Content