Integrate Web-based Forms Data with RPI’s Yoga Forms™

Many business processes rely heavily on input and information submitted by end users or people outside the organization. Often, this results in inefficient and time-consuming tasks, such as having to manually transcribe data from written forms or images, or the need for costly custom development to create and maintain online forms. Working closely with our clients, RPI Consultants has developed an easy to use forms platform that empowers business owners to rapidly create and deploy web-based forms.

Yoga Forms allows clients to quickly create and customize web-based forms with a simple drag and drop user interface, integrate specific data points into an ERP or ECM solution, and publish updates and changes on the fly. Forms can be deployed internally, externally, or framed into existing web pages for simple and seamless integration into existing processes and resources. Forms are saved as PDF files, which can be imported, edited, and/or routed into workflow processes.

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Forms Designer

Yoga Forms was built around an easy to use and intuitive forms designer, with a simple drag and drop interface. Within the designer, users drag different types of data fields or objects to create and configured multiple forms sections, and add inputs such as text fields, numbers or currency, dates and times, and calculated values. The designer also makes it easy to add custom actions for conditional form fields and database base services for lookups.

The form designer makes designing and editing a form in Yoga Forms possible without any development experience, although users are able to expose the native HTML or add a custom style sheet to meet more complex requirements. Additionally, custom SQL queries, web services, and/or Xpath triggers are set within the interface, making it easy for users to setup in-form field lookups and integrate documents and data into an ERP or ECM solution.

Yoga Forms Example: Student ID Data Validations and Settings

Another great feature of the form designer is that web forms can be transcribed into a predefined format, such as employment tax or legal forms like W-9s. Yoga Forms also natively integrates with AssureSign for eSignatures, making it easy to capture legal digital signatures for these types of forms. While the form itself can be laid out in whatever order or format, the data fields and signatures are mapped into the actual form layout when it’s submitted.

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