OnBase Workflow Approval Management

Watch this product demonstration of OnBase Workflow Approval Management.


This is a demo of the OnBase Workflow Approval Management. The OnBase Workflow Approval Management is a module that would be used in conjunction with OnBase Workflow. The OnBase system admins would still log into studio and create a lifecycle in the workflow. Once a lifecycle is created, they would then create an approval process within studio.

They would add the approval roles and the user groups, and then they would create a workflow queue that would use the workflow approval management. Once everything is configured in studio, they can then provide access to their super users to be able to create the actual Workflow Approval Management rules. That is all done in the OnBase Unity Clients. So, I have logged into OnBase Unity Clients. I’m going to go up to approval management and then I’m going to select the approval process that my system administrator advised me to select, and this would be the AP invoice approval.

In here you can see we have an auto approval path. This would be used if you have any type of invoices that can automatically be approved and do not need any type of review or additional approvals. Let’s just say any invoices that are $5, you can automatically approve those, and then it just goes to the normal processing. In this example, you’ll notice that we have set up the auto approval path with the following criteria.

So, we’re saying if all of the following conditions are true, so those conditions would be that the document type is an AP non-PO invoice, and the company keyword is equal to 100. So, if these two pieces of criteria evaluate true, these invoices are automatically approved.

If we would like to send documents through an approval path, we would use the approval path down here. So, we have our first approval path which is non-PO invoices. Again, let’s take a look at the high level here. So, this is just saying if this evaluates true, that document type is called AP non-PO invoices, we would then go ahead to our next level. So, this is telling us if it is a non-PO invoice and it did not meet the criteria above, it would need to be approved by an AP manager or of course, the OnBase manager account is set up in this one. Let’s go to our next level approval.

So, we’re still using the first level of approval logic, which is saying that this is a non-PO invoice. It needs approval. We’ve already had our AP manager approve it. However, this document is less than or equal to $500. Because it is less than or equal to $500, it needs approval from Frank Moore. We have another level of approval. So, this approval is telling us again, if a keyword is less than or equal to $1,500, this document needs to go to Tom Davis to approve, so on and so forth. Again, all these approval paths can be set up by your organization super users, because they’re going to know the business processes a lot better than this, the OnBase system admins.

Thank you.