OnBase Invoice Approval App


Speaker 1:
This is a demo of the Hyland, AP Invoice Approval app. The AP Invoice Approval app is a person-based application that delivers critical decision-making tasks to individuals with invoice approval responsibilities and OnBase. The web app dashboard, and also mobile app dashboard provide users a simple view of the invoices that still need to be reviewed and approved as well as invoices that have previously been approved or rejected.

You’ll notice that items that require immediate attention for review are found in the Critical Items dashboard title, which you can see here on my screen. If you select see all, those will show the critical items. You can then select the invoice by clicking on it from the list. On the left side of the screen are the details pertaining to the invoice, such as invoice number, vendor name, due date and invoice amount. On the right side of the screen is the image of the invoice. Once you have reviewed the invoice, you can now approve it by selecting the approve button. Here, you can select a reason and you can also enter any comments. And then you would select approve.

Now, when we originally opened the critical items, you’ll notice that there was only one invoice that was pending approval. We’ve approved that invoice, and now there is nothing left in this queue to review.

You can return to the dashboard by clicking the back arrow. Again, you’ll notice that there’s no items in the critical items area. And now there are seven approved invoices instead of six.

If you’d like to reject an invoice, we’re going to go over here to the see all just to select a new invoice, considering we have nothing in our queue waiting. Again, we’re going to select an invoice and now we’re going hit the reject option. Same process as before, now we have different reasons of why we’re rejecting it. So maybe it’s not my document, it was not completed, or maybe I want to write some additional comments and they can see why this is rejected. And then instead of hitting approve, now I’m going to hit reject.

You can also see up here in the top left-hand corner, there is a dropdown, so you can see how many invoices are pending approval. I’m sorry are pending, are approved and are rejected.

And then if we go back to our dashboard, again you’ll see everything is updated. So now we have seven pending, seven approved and three rejected. Also, on this dashboard, you’ll see an overall view of invoices that are overdue, due today, due with five days, with 10 days. So, this is just a very nice visual to see when the invoices are due or if they’re already past due. And that is the end of the AP Invoice Approval app.