Webinar: OnBase Case Studies and Success Stories

An overview of OnBase products, modules, and solutions implemented at a large midwestern healthcare organization by our own Senior Consultant Cailen Myers. In this presentation, she shares technical information as well as the success stories of these solutions, and how OnBase made work easier for end users.

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Speaker 1:
Okay. We’re going to go ahead and get started. Thank you everyone for joining the OnBase Case Studies and Success Stories webinar today. Just a few housekeeping items before we get started. All the webinars are recorded and made available on our website. Currently, all the lines are muted. So, if you have any questions, please post them in the GoToWebinar question panel and we will answer them at the end of this webinar series. So, this is the last webinar for the 2020 OnBase webinar series. If you were unable to attend any of the previous webinars or would like to just review them, please go head to our website and you can watch any of the previous webinars that we’ve had. If you have any additional webinars you would like to see, please go ahead and reach out to myself and RPI and let us know and we’d be happy to do those for you.

And just a little bit about myself before we get started. I have over 10 years’ experience of designing, implementing, upgrading and supporting roadmapping, anything for OnBase, pretty much done for the last 10 plus years now. I do specialize in healthcare as well as EMR and ERP integrations. I have a few obvious certifications and EPIC certifications. And on a more personal level, I am a mom to three Siberian Huskies. And in my free time, which I seem to have quite a bit of lately, I enjoy baking and scrapbooking. I thought because this is the last webinar for the series, I’d actually introduced my Huskies considering I talk about them every time I’m here. So, there’s Kylie, Kedah and the puppy Kailua, who is five months old. But enough about me, let’s go ahead and get started.

So today, I really wanted to just kind of do an overview of all the past webinars that we’ve hosted for the 2020 on this webinar series, discuss some proven solutions and then open up for any questions that you may have. Just a quick disclaimer. This webinar is not produced or endorsed by Hyland, EPIC or any other software company. The information in this webinar is current as of April 2020. The advice and content contained in this webinar is educational only and based solely on the experience of us here at RPI. Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started with the past webinars. The first webinar that we had to hosted in this series was our OnBase Foundations. It was Hyland’s new version and strategy, product versioning strategy, it is the most feature rich, stable secure. It does have improvements for both users and admins.

It does have a new video feature. There are more frequent updates and enhancements and it is designed to make upgrades easier. With OnBase Foundations, Hyland did release both enhancement packs and long-term releases. So, you’ll hear EPIs and LTRs. So, we just discussed some of the differences between those. Your EPIs will still have bug fixes and new features and you can expect to see these EPIs released three to four times a year. And then you have the LTRs which are the long-term release. So, it’s really recommended that if you’re going to go to a version of OnBase, that you install an LTR version. So that way you have the latest and greatest security fixes, critical bug fixes, everything that you would need there. And then a couple things to consider when you are looking at upgrading. As of right now the mobile breaker was not released in OnBase Foundations. So, if you do have mobile broker in your environment, you would just stay on that version.

There are plans of rolling out mobile broker to OnBase Foundations possibly even EP3. So, there’s more information to come about that hopefully sometime this year. And then you also must be on a Unity Scheduler, OnBase version 18 or higher when you are looking at upgrading. And then some other items t