Office Hours: ImageNow Application Plans

Perceptive Content Application Plans, occasionally referred to by the legacy name LearnMore, are powerful applets within ImageNow that allow you to interact with other business applications – local and web-based. Application Plans most commonly allow you to automate searches based on an open record in another window, or retrieve and index documents with keywords from the open application. To accomplish this, Application Plans sometimes need to be manipulated with VB Scripting and/or AppGetData for shifting values in third-party applications. These customizations are typically completed by your consultant, but can be learned and used by system administrators, as well.


Michael Madsen:

All right. So, I’m going to go ahead and let’s just jump into my little PowerPoint here. Welcome everybody to RPI Office Hours. If you haven’t done this with us before, it’s just something where we’re trying to show you some functionality with stuff that we’ve worked with in the past, to hopefully help you out with things that you need for your business.

See if I can close that, there we go. Okay, so we only have a few slides to go through. Essentially, what I’ll do is just kind of talk to you about some upcoming stuff that we’ve got going on, kind of give you an idea of what Office Hours is, and then we’ll just jump straight into our Application Plans presentation.

So, first of all, hello, I’m Michael Madsen, I’m a lead consultant at RPI Consultants. I’ve worked with Perceptive Content software for around six years, specializing in Back Office and Higher Education solutions, but we also kind of run the gamut on all the other types of businesses as well, so not just focused on those.

We have some upcoming webinars. We generally do webinars every month. The next one coming up are going to be just a what’s new in Kofax, and what’s new in Kofax ReadSoft Online and those are both going to be on November 6th, so if those interest you at all, please hop over to our website and sign up for those, and then the next Office Hours presentation is going to be on November 15th to talk a little bit about Perceptive Experience, what you can do with that and how it works.

To give you some background around RPI Consultants. We have over 100 full-time consultants scattered throughout the country. We have offices in Tampa, Baltimore, and here in Kansas City where we’re located. Most of our Content and Process Automation consultants are in the Kansas City office. We specialize in a lot of different things. We can cover any consulting needs you need. We have project managers, we have technical architects, we can kind of do essentially your one stop shop for consulting around your imaging software.

And then what is RPI Office Hours? I’ve mentioned it a little bit before, but really what we’re going to do today is go through the AppGet tree functionality around your LearnModes and how we can work those in. A lot of people had issues after the ImageNow upgrade using the older functionality that caused some things to slow down with their application plans, and this is a way to fix that to get around those issues. I’m going to give you a live demonstration on what we’ve built in our test environment and I have some VB script code that I’ve put together to make it work. Feel free, if you want the code, you can request it from us, we’re happy to give it over to you so that you can play with it yourself in your environment. And kind of teach yourself some things.

We have kind of a basic presentation, so just keep in mind there’s a lot of stuff you can do with this functionality, so don’t feel like what we have set up is your only option. There’s a lot of stuff online, you can go to the community portal website where you can find a lot of knowledge-based articles around how to do accomplish specific functionality and then I’ll also show you on how you can get to the original setup guide for what we’re going to be using.

And then after I go through my presentation feel free, or even while I’m giving my presentation, feel free to throw questions into Go-To-Webinar, and we’ll try to hit those.

One thing to keep in mind though is that any recommendations and advice we provide aren’t guaranteed. I’m kind of just working through this with you, and I’ll give you as much information as I have. I’m not going to know the answer to every single question right here, and we aren’t going to have enough time to cover every single thing, so just keep that in mind. This is really just supposed to be a jumping off point for you, so that you have a better idea of what you need to do to get this done. And then obviously if you do do this, be sure to test in your test environment, not in your production environment, but that should be pretty obvious.

Today for application plans, we’re going to be talking about the AppGetData functionality and we’ll be going through VB scripts. It’s not a huge presentation, we’re just talking about AppGetData, to try to show you how we can get around using the old AppGet tree, but that’s essenti