Migrating to Kofax TotalAgility from Capture & Transformation

Kofax TotalAgility is a modern, mobile-friendly intelligent automation platform that is intended to be an omni-channel solution for intelligent data capture, digital workflow and case management, and process intelligence. This means TotalAgility actually combines the functionality found across Capture and Transformation into a single platform.

If you are a Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation customer, you should consider migrating your solutions to TotalAgility rather than continuing to invest more resources into support, maintenance, and upgrades. In this webinar, our team will share important considerations as you evaluate a migration to TotalAgility, as well as outline which product components and data are automatically converted during a migration.

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Chad Tucker:
All right, everyone. Thank you for joining our webinar Wednesday here with RPI Consultants. Today, we have a webinar talking about migrating to Kofax TotalAgility from Kofax Transformation, and Kofax Capture.

We’re going to talk about some of the latest versions and features of Kofax Transformation and Kofax Capture and how those translate into Kofax TotalAgility and what different features you get from Kofax TotalAgility versus transformation and Kofax Capture.

Don’t forget to join us for some of our other upcoming webinars and office hours that we have next month. And we have the Perceptive Enhancement Pack 2 upgrade to discuss all of the features that come with that upgrade. We have another webinar, making OnBase and Infor Work Together. And then in August we have upgraded Process Director 7.8, and to talk about all the features of that upgrade. Additionally, we have some great office hours where we do some hands-on work. We have another rendition of Perceptive in ImageNow iScripts, which is a really good one. And then we have a new one with Microsoft Power Automate (Flow), so you can take advantage of your existing investment in Office365 and some of the automation tools that come with that. So today you…my name is Chad Tucker, Manager Solution Engineering. Over 10 years’ experience in process automation, formally a developer and system administrator, was in the Marines and I’m looking forward to the beach this weekend.

Alan Schefers:
Hello everyone. My name is Alan Schefers. I live here in California. I’m a golfer and a hockey fan. I was first certified in Kofax Capture way back in 2006 when it was Ascent Capture and the 4kTM. And I also have some knowledge of OnBase and Yoga.

And in today’s agenda, we’re going to basically go over what the newest versions of Kofax Capture and some of the features and also Transformation. And then Chad’s going to talk about the Kofax TotalAgility capabilities and features. The ‘Move-Up’ Program that Kofax is offering, and some of that migration considerations and planning. And then if you guys have any q