Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services for building, managing, and deploying applications on a global network using your preferred tools and frameworks. In this Office Hours, RPI Consultants will provide live demonstrations with interactive Q&A of Microsoft Azure, including the Azure Portal for Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-Service. We will also share types of databases and content storage available, and how you can utilize Azure for cold storage of content in your OnBase or ImageNow system.

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John Marney:
Let’s go ahead and get started here. I’m gonna share my webcam really quick. All right. Can everyone hear me? If you wouldn’t mind, Mason, if you could throw a question into the question panel. Make sure you can hear me.

Hey, John, it’s Mike, we can hear you.

Oh, sweet. Okay. Thanks. All right. Well, thanks for joining today. Today we’re doing another RPI Consultants Office Hours. We do have a number of these also scheduled coming up, I think every two weeks is what we have. I’ll show you the schedule of those herein, just a minute. Today we’re going to be talking about cloud solutions with Azure. Azure is Microsoft’s, of course, their humongous cloud platform.

Our upcoming webinars and Office Hours, we have quite a bit of content prepared over the next couple of months. For Office Hours, th