Lawson Security

Lawson Security 9

Avoid Common Mistakes

If your organization has not yet implemented Lawson Security 9 (LS9), you have the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of those who have. RPI’s Lawson Security Certified experts can help you navigate the transition, avoid common mistakes, reduce costs, and maximize the benefits of LS9. If you have already implemented the suite, RPI can also help with Lawson Security administration, a Lawson Security audit, or Lawson Security reports.

The RPI Approach

RPI offers a blended approach of traditional and fast-track security implementation methodologies. By leveraging both methods simultaneously, we reduce implementation time and maintain an emphasis on quality and best practices. We use fast-track tools for build, but, because we know from experience that the analysis and design phases are so important, we deliver this portion traditionally.

Every organization is unique. It takes time to understand your business and what your staff members require to properly perform their job functions. We know that an up-front investment in gathering security requirements and performing the proper analysis leads to solid design and saves literally hundreds of hours in testing and deployment. The right model—one that is easy to understand, troubleshoot, and update—will also work for future growth on your Lawson system. Our functional experts’ deep understanding of Lawson software capabilities can help you determine the features and functionality that will be required moving forward.

Because there is simply no substitute for human knowledge and expertise, we avoid fixed templates. Our proprietary conversion database allows you to build and upload security templates adapted specifically to your organization’s needs, saving time without cutting corners.

Lawson Security Reports

One of many Lawson Security 9 benefits is better SOX compliance and audit reporting. Our Lawson Security 9 Certified resources provide a standard SOX compliant periodic review process (quarterly and yearly), security form templates, and remediation plan processes (summary and detailed). RPI will also facilitate a reports gap analysis, educate your Security Officers on Lawson Security 9 reporting, and develop any custom designed reports needed.

Lawson Security Training

Getting the right training for LS can make all the difference for a successful migration and future administration of this functionality. RPI provide custom training that is customized on your organization and focuses on best practices and previous experience. Contact us today to learn about training solutions we have provided for other organizations.

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